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In the beginning, it was a girlish desire to know what it was like to die. Sakura had experienced so many near-death experiences but the lick of The Flame drew her attention and lusts back. She wanted more of it, not only to feel it burning on her skin but to feel what would happen if the card had won.

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# Chapter Summary
1 Touched After a long night of fighting cards, Sakura has an itch to mastrubate. Normally it only took a few strokes and a vague fantasy of some guy but now she needed something more, a hint of danger to set her pussy on fire, like the danger of her new card, The Fiery.
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2 Caught Flushed with a near death experience with The Firey, Sakura heads back to her house to get a few hours of sleep. However, someone was waiting when she slipped out of the concrete sewer entrance.
3 Trapped Tomoyo reveals that she's been lusting after her cousin, Sakura. To Sakura's surprise, she also wants to try something else, something a little more dangerous.
4 Pleasured Sakura brings Tomoyo with her to the sewer to enjoy pleasure and fire together. It is the first time they will make love but it won't be the last.
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5 Roasted Lost in their pleasures, Sakura and Tomoyo don't stop The Firey soon enough and the magical card roasts their naked bodies. However that isn't the end of the story when Sakura feels Cerberus' speaking in her mind. The supernatural creature thinks both of the girls are beautiful but he's more interested in eating their cooked bodies than anything else.