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When Sakura woke up, she realized that she had been burned and eaten alive and she loved it. Soon, she is once again desiring the heat of passion and draws both her cousin Tomoyo and her friend Meilin into her fantasies.

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# Chapter Summary
1 Revival After being eaten by Cerberus, Sakura is surprised that she is brought back to life. The memories of being roasted alive burned brightly in her mind, bringing a flush of excitement. Tomoyo has the same memories even though she is just as healthy as Sakura.
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2 No Time Sakura ponders how to safely experience being cooked alive and the heat of the flames safely. She has a lot of the Clow Cards, one of them would let her, she just had to figure out which one.
3 Quid Pro Quo At a hot spring, Tomoyo confesses that she wants to be cooked alive like Sakura. Delighted, the two begin to make out until they are interrupted by another one of their friends: Meilin.
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4 Eavesdropper Tomoyo has made a new outfit for Sakura but this one isn't for fighting. At least Sakura didn't know any fights that required a dildo.
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5 The First Volunteer Sakura and Tomoyo finish telling Meilin about their growing desires to be cannibalized and their passion for each other. Meilin likes it and asks to join in, not for a rush of something new, but for the challenge and experience.
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6 The First Roaster Sakura uses The Dream to try out their fantasies of being roasted alive. The first one to volunteer is Meilin who wants Cerebus to fuck her while she's being spitted.
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7 Decisions After waking up from the The Dream, Sakura knows that it isn't real enough for her. She wants to feel it for real, not with the fluid nature of the dream. When Tomoyo volunteers to be next, they decide to try The Twin and The Voice together to let her cousin experience being stuffed like a turkey.
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8 Stuffed With a clever use of cards, Tomoyo gets to be the next girl to be fucked, cooked, and eaten.
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9 Recovery For Sakura, eating her lover was one thing but it wasn't quite the same. The Twin was too disconnected. That left only one thing for her, to die for real and then have The Time roll it back with all the memories of experiencing her fantasies.
10 Time Sakura finally have enough energy to use The Time to experience her fantasies. There is nothing between her and being prepared, spitted, roasted, and then eaten.
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11 Again It worked. Her fantasies were fulfilled but Sakura needed more. She needed to experience it again and again.
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