Derik's Luck

Derik was known throughout the city for two things: he was a beautiful man and a master thief. His heists were well known, both from the stunning skill that he stole things from the most protected of vaults and displays but also from the skill that he could steal the underwear from someone he was talking to.

He also rarely made intelligent decisions. He spent his monies on whores,. drinking, and gambling. His slightly submissive nature prevented him from enjoying the full breadth of his ill-gotten goods but he was happy dancing through life.

At least until Rick, the crime lord of the city, called in all the monies Derik owned… in a week. Desperate for any job, he took the ill-fated heist of stealing the baron’s priceless sapphire.

What started with a simple job became something more when Derik found himself naked in the baron’s harem with the guards looking for him.

All Derik wanted was an enjoyable evening with a local whore. But when Rick, the local crime boss showed up, his night of blow jobs and fucking was sharply interrupted when Rick threatened his life if Derik couldn't come up with the money Derik owed him.

Desperate to find a job, Derik headed down to Storn's. But none of the jobs that his friend had were good ones. The best of the worst was a nearly impossible theft, but Derik was a master thief. Now if his ex didn't just walk in the door.

Stealing a priceless sapphire wasn't impossible for a thief like Derik. But then everything went wrong.

After falling from the ventilation, Derik found himself in the middle of a pool wearing burnt clothing and no sapphire in hand. He needed to get it back but first he had to identify where he was and how he would escape.

Teri and Sherrel were only the start to Derik's troubles. Both women forced him to lick both of them to orgasm and then to the other women who woke up to find a naked man in the middle of the baron's harem.