The Mummy's Girl
This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!

In a love story spanning centuries, The Mummy’s Girl is an epic, erotic tale set in a land of pure fantasy. A cruel master with a warm heart punishes a new slave in the temple of a wolf-god, discovering that it is more for her pleasure than her pain, and gradually finds himself falling in love with her. They are not destined to be together when death by betrayal tears them apart. One sacrifices her soul to bring her master to life, cursing him to walk the earth as a mummy, a creature of death, sex, and magic. But, even as they are torn apart, the games of gods scheme to reunite the star-crossed lovers.

The Mummy’s Girl is extremely and sexually explicit in nature, and this leads a heightened sense of anticipation to the drama of the plot. Many variations of fantastic BDSM and sexuality blend together in the twisting reincarnations of two souls as they seek each other. When they finally become one, it is only through divine submission and sacrifice of min and boy that gives them that final chance to be reunited.


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