Chapter 01: Whips and Chains

Naked, as all slaves were required to be, the woman was not uncomfortable with her nudity. Plastered against her back, her sweat-soaked hair clung to her skin as she strained with the effort not to move. Held above her head, her wrists twisted inside golden chains, trying to break free. They were just tight enough to place a strain on her back, but not enough to hold her off the cold stone ground. Spread out beneath her, her legs quivered slightly with the effort to keep her sweat-soaked knees from sliding on the stone. Between, the naked mound of her womanhood glistened with sweat and fear, and more than a little excitement.

Smoke curled in the air, drifting out of the nostrils of four stone statues; each one was of a powerful-looking, wolf-like creature the size of a brown bear. Locked in time, each statue portrayed some scene of gruesome murder or torture. The stone itself was smooth and ancient, their shapes holding more detail than possible with normal marble.

Standing next to her, just on the edge of her vision, a man stretched briefly on his toes. His appearance was burned into her mind: the master of the temple. He was powerful and dark, his skin tanned from thousands of days under the sun. His hands were coarse, rough from the years he had spent in the fields, working as a slave himself. But Anuset was no longer a slave, except to Akumet; to his god and master, he was still just a slave of over thirty years.

His muscles rippled as he padded around the chained slave, his eyes hard and calculating as he looked her over. Unlike the female slave’s nudity, he chose to be stripped bare. His half-erect manhood, a long and thick shaft, bobbed slightly with his heartbeats as he glided around the whimpering slave. Her eyes caught onto his movement, watching with rapt attention.

His entire body was shaved bare, mainly by his own choice in the humidity and heat of the temple. Only a dark shadow demonstrated that he shaved almost daily to keep his smooth appearance. A couple of beads of sweat trickled down the back of his neck, but he ignored them.

In his hand, he toyed with something. It was a short, black flogger. At one end of the thick handle, there was a smooth, silver sphere about four centimeters in diameter. At the other end, leather strands fountained out of the tip, each one tipped with a tiny, smooth ball of silver. The harsh leather glistened in the torch light of the temple’s main room.

As he continued to walk around her, the slave looked at him with pleading eyes. “M-Master… what did I do wrong?”

His dark eyes locked onto hers as he stopped. Leaning forward, he whispered in a deep, bass voice, “Nothing.”

Her eyes widened with fear as he gave her a better look at the small whip in his hand, and smiled. Her head started to shake, denying what he said, but he ignored it as he straightened. His cock stirred as the feeling of control over this woman and the sensations teased his senses.

His eyes looked over her again. “Do you know what I’m going to do?”

She nodded. “Yes, Ma.”


“You are going to whip me, Ma.”

“Do you want it?”

She looked up at him, her eyes wide as her mind spun furiously. Every beat of her heart seemed to shake her as she tried to formulate the words to scream out for it, to beg him to hurt her until she saw the look of desire in his eyes. Her lips trembled for a moment before she managed to speak.

“Yes… Ma.”

Pacing around her again, he hefted the short whip in his hands to listen to the faint clink of the small balls at the end of each strand.

He stopped briefly behind her, admiring the tension of her buttocks and back. Knowing what was next, the slave closed her eyes and prepared herself for the worst.

His arm pulled back and, with a powerful blow, slashed the strands against her back. Her scream ripped through the silence of the temple room as the leather raised welts across her shoulders. The tiny spheres left circular marks across her side.

She gasped for breath, fighting back the agony, as he walked around her. Leaning forward, he whispered again to her, “I want you to count. Once for each year of your life.”

He paused for a second, then smiled. “How old are you, Binis Ji?”

Her eyes widened at her name and title, a construct of her position in this unforgiving temple. “Tw-twenty six years, Anuset Ma.”

His eyebrow raised a little, a hint of surprise on his hard face. “You told the truth. I’m… impressed.”

Her body relaxed slightly, but only for a second until she caught sight of the whip in his hand.

Anuset nodded. “How many has that been, Ji?”

“O-One, Ma.”

He straightened, pulling back his hand. She whimpered, shaking her head again as if it would stop him. His face grew harder as he concentrated on landing another blow against her, lashing the flogger against her breasts and stomach. Her scream, choked off from the pain, echoed shrilly against the stone walls of the temple.

Anuset waited for a moment, letting the strands of the whip slide off her sweat-soaked body. After a second, the slave remembered.

“T-two, Ma.”

Anuset’s nod was lost as she blinked back the tears. He resumed his pacing around her body, watching her squirm and move against the harsh metal chains.

As he walked around, he occasionally landed a powerful blow against her body, aiming for her chest, back, buttocks. With each blow, she screamed out, then counted out in a choked voice.

The entire process took almost thirty minutes, with the blows coming randomly. By the time he reached twenty-three blows, her body was covered in red welts and she was whimpering for mercy. Her unmarked face was wet with tears as she strained against her chains. Even as the agony radiated throughout her body, she pulled down to prevent herself from avoiding the flogger’s blow.

Anuset’s cock was at full mast, a thick sheen of excitement already glistening along the length of his hard shaft. The slave continued to whimper, even as she pushed herself lower on the ground to accept the next blow.

His body glistened with the heat of the temple room as he continued his maddeningly slow pace around her. “How many more, Ji?”

She struggled for air, trying to pull oxygen into her lungs. Her body ached and screamed, but somehow she found the strength to speak.

“Three, Anuset Ma.”

He nodded silently and hefted his whip again, admiring the whimpering slave. Most of her body was covered in a thin sheen of blood and sweat, the result of his blows from the flogger. Her breasts heaved with her shuddering breath, but her eyes slid down to the floor to avoid his gaze.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered, his voice deep and low.

Binis started to shake her head, not wanting to obey his order. Anuset raised his eyebrow again, watching her. She could feel her legs refusing to obey, as if they were attached to someone else. She bore down with her will, trying to force them apart. Her mind screamed out against her body, trying to fulfill her master’s desire, even though she knew that incredible pain that would soon follow.

Slowly, her knees started to slide apart on the slick stone. Trembling, the muscles resisted each movement but she somehow managed to force them apart. She felt exposed and vulnerable as she looked at the whip in fear. Even as the terror coursed through her veins, she felt the stirrings of desire already building into a smoldering heat.

Anuset smiled as he hefted the whip, showing her the glistening leather straps as she fought her own body. As she watched in horror, a few drops of her own blood splashed on the ground from one of the silver spheres. A trail of tears leaked from her eyes and started their slow descent down her cheeks as she felt her knees pulling back together, hiding her shaved sex.

Still pacing, Anuset watched her fight more, trembling with the effort to obey and resist at the same time. He gripped the leather handle tighter, his cock hard with the sensations of power over this young slave.

Finally, her body finally gave out. Her knees slid apart, exposing the pink folds of her womanhood to Anuset’s hungry gaze. Her thighs trembled, but she managed to will them apart.

“Good, Binis Ji, good.”

Binis whimpered, sweat pouring down her face and chest. Anuset nodded to himself and walked behind her. He pulled back his arm, preparing to strike the defenseless girl.

Her whimpers grew stronger, in anticipation, and Anuset watched her muscles tense in fear. Anuset waited, sweat sliding down his own naked body.

When the blow didn’t come, she relaxed slightly. Anuset, waiting for that motion, put all of his strength into the blow he brought up between her legs. Her scream tore through the silence of the temple room as the leather straps slammed their tiny balls into her womanhood, easily slashing her folds and clitoris.

Sharp pain slashed through her, cutting through every thought and every action until there was nothing else. Her breath caught in her chest as her muscles spasmed from the intensity of the sensation; she found herself almost pulling herself up on the chain, trying to escape the suffering.

Immediately, her legs pulled together, capturing the strands between her legs. Her long scream redoubled as Anuset yanked his whip from between her legs.

Binis’ scream faded into a long wail of pain and suffering as Anuset walked in front of her. He reached out with his left hand and held her chin. Pulling it up, he forced her to face him.

With a struggle, she opened her brown eyes, looking into his dark, mysterious ones.

Anuset growled his command deeply. “Count.”

He watched her struggle for air and sanity before she spoke in a cracked voice, “T-tw-twenty four… Ma.”

Her voice dissolved into a sob as she shook her head against the agony. Anuset nodded.


“N-No, please…” She tried to pour as much pleading into her voice as she could, but even as she spoke, she knew he wouldn’t listen. Resolve slowly formed in her eyes, hardening the soft lines in her face as she bore down against the resistance and spread her legs once again.

Anuset smiled, pleased with her reaction, and watched as the blood-streaked sex came into view. He raised his right hand, the leather whip glinting evilly in the torchlight.

With a struggle, she looked him right in the eyes, the firm resolve almost burning inside her. She could feel the desire engulfing her in flame, magnified by the agony that raced through her veins. Something inside her pushed her to submit, pushing her to survive because, eventually, he would reward her submission.

For a moment, he stood there, poised to bear down her once again as she looked him in the eyes, her body relaxed and taut at the same time. A lone tear drifted down her cheeks, curling around her neck and down her throat.

“Twenty-five.” She spoke with a soft hardness, as if accepting her fate.

Anuset’s arm tensed as he slammed his whip back up between her legs. The leather cracked from the intensity of the blow, cutting into her folds and ass as an incredible pain arched through her body.

“Ma!” Her scream, a single word, filled the room as she pulled back from the incredible suffering that seemed to dominate her world. The muscles in her legs twitched as she started to pull her legs together, but she forced them apart, using her will, her desire to please her master.

A few drops of blood splattered against the smooth floor as he pulled back his whip. Along with it came the sweet smell of her excitement, almost surprising to both of them. His dark eyes stayed locked onto hers, watching the thoughts cross her mind. He smiled, a cruel smile that sent shivers through her body.

A few more tears dribbled down her cheek, but she tightened her body and fought the pain. Anuset slowly circled her twice before stopping behind her. His cock, hard and purple, was almost throbbing with his power over her. He could smell a hint of excitement from her, faintly mingled with the temple incense.

From behind, he could see her tensing for the final blow, the last one she would have to suffer. He waited again for her to relax. It took her longer, knowing what awaited her. His cock twitched as a fresh flow of pre-cum started to dribble down it.

Her shoulders relaxed, then tightened immediately, but no blow came. He continued to wait, his eyes admiring her curves, her sweat, and even the red welts across her body.

Again, her body relaxed, then tightened after a second. He waited longer, the smoke curling around him as though he were a statue himself. Finally, she relaxed with a whimper, accepting her fate and the pain that waited.

Anuset chuckled and Binis struggled to keep staring forward, keeping her legs apart. Anuset could sense her suffering, threatening her sanity and her resolve.

The blow never came. Instead, Binis felt a light pressure against her sex, painful and sensual at the same time. She caught her breath from the sharp agony and fear of what came next.

Behind her, the leather whip fell to the ground. The noise sent a bolt of surprise through her as Anuset continued to stroke a light finger along her slit, wet with blood and sweat and her own juices. Sparks of pain sparkled through her body as his fingers brushed against the welts his whip had left just moments before.

Her gasp came as his other hand reached for her back and brushed down her spine, a lover’s caress except for the welts his fingers teased. Her gasp turned to a combination of whimper and moan as his finger continued to stroke along her slit, using the blood and sweat as lubricant for his probing finger.

She could feel the heat of her sex around his finger as it slid against her opening and up against her clitoris. The moan became a loud whimper as he slid his finger up and down her slit before pulling apart the folds to the humid air of the temple. He could feel her muscles trembling as he manipulated the bruised labia.

Anuset’s finger, almost gently, pushed back slightly, finding the opening of her tunnel; it was hot and wet, almost unexpected with the intensity she had just suffered. His smile grew a little wider as he gently pushed his finger into the slick entrance.

Binis’ moan was filled with more than a little desire as her legs parted, this time willingly. He could feel her body’s heat double as she tried to push down on the probing finger. Anuset rewarded her with another finger, squeezed into her tight hole.

Her moan vibrated through her body as the chains above her rattled. Her hands clenched tightly around the metal cuffs as Anuset spread her sex further, plunging two fingers as deeply into the slave’s sex as possible.

As he spread the red folds, Binis gasped with the pain that remained from his whipping. Her whimper escaped her lips as he continued to pull her apart painfully, plunging his two fingers again and again into her soaked tunnel.

Her whimper dissolved into a moan, then back into a whimper, as Anuset alternated between focusing on her opening, then on her wounds, moving from ecstasy to agony with a growing intensity.

The noises that escaped her throat blended together, louder and louder, as she lost the ability to distinguish between the suffering from the hands of her master, and the sexual pleasures his fingers wrought from her body.

Her first orgasm was intense, her entire body shaking with the powerful sensations of pleasure and pain that slammed into her. Her scream echoed against the walls; the primal noise had little in common with the screams of suffering just moments before.

As her body shook with pleasure, Anuset continued to tease and pull more sensations from her, one hand stroking her wounds while his other plunged in her tunnel and teased her clitoris and folds.

Eventually, even with the expert manipulations of her master, her orgasm faded in warm waves of pleasure. Anuset teased her, slowly and sensually, until the last surge of ecstasy fled her body, leaving only a dull ache of torture behind.

Binis gasped again, trying to gather her senses enough to respond. Anuset continued to slide his fingers in and out of her sex, almost idly, as he waited.

Finally, she pulled herself back to reality and managed to push out the words, “W-Why, Anuset Ma, why?”

Anuset reached up and grabbed her hair. With a yank, he painfully pulled her head almost back to his. The chains above her rattled for a moment as her body protested from the sudden ache.

He smiled into her face, “I just felt like it.”

A flicker of confusion and curiosity crossed her brown eyes, but Anuset ignored it. He released her hair, but she tried to keep her head back, watching her master, waiting for his next action.

Anuset reached down, sliding his rough hands against her inner thighs. His fingers pulled out of her sex as he pressed his thumbs against her, the nails teasing her folds. With the increase of his strong grip, Binis felt a whimper escape her lips as she tried to watch her master over her shoulder.

Anuset paid no attention to her as he buried his thumbs deeper inside, stretching the taut tunnel mercilessly. Binis’ whimper of pain seemed to encourage him, as he shoved his thumbs into her sex as far as they would go, then pulled apart.

His slave’s whimper turned into another scream as Anuset pulled her apart while drawing her up. His strength lifted her hips off the ground as he pulled her to her feet. Her scream continued to echo while he wiggled his fingers in her stretched tunnel.

Anuset’s fingers slid along her buttocks until they brushed against her hips. Using almost all of his strength, he squeezed, pulling her womanhood further apart until he almost crushed her hips.

Binis’ scream trailed off into a whimper as she felt the slick head of his cock press against her inner opening, completely avoiding her velvet folds.

The whimper turned into a soft moan of pleasure as Anuset leaned forward, slowly burying his cock into the trembling depths of his slave. Her moan became longer and deeper as he pushed his throbbing manhood deeper into her sex, teasing her inner nerves.

Anuset continued to squeeze and pull her lips apart until he had buried the entire length of his thick shaft into her body. His fingers relaxed as he withdrew slowly, his shaft glistening with the juices of her pain-induced excitement.

Tightening his fingers, he shoved his thick cock back into her sex, burying his entire length into her willing opening. Her chains rattled as she leaned into her arms, moaning with pleasure and agony.

As he pulled out, he relaxed for a moment. Plunging back in, he tightened his fingers, squeezing and pulling her lips apart to bury his length into her. In a few moments, he was pounding his cock in and out of her body, shoving a moan of mixed emotions from her throat with each powerful thrust.

With each slap of his hips against her buttocks, her whimpers of pleasure grew louder and more insistent. Anuset’s body suddenly started to thrust harder, lifting her feet almost off the ground as her arms strained from the force of each powerful movement.

His fingers slid from her wetness to grab her hips, his motions growing faster, harder. Each slurp of his cock inside her filled the room as he continued to slam against her, ramming his length into her depths.

Finally, he slammed his cock as hard as he could into her body, and her own orgasm blew into her. Her final scream, echoing desire and need, filled the smoke-filled temple room as his cock surged, flooding her insides with hot cum.

The tableau held for a moment, as she felt him drain himself inside her, pushing away the last remnant of pain in a final rush of pleasure. He released her, letting her feet catch beneath her before he pulled out with a wet, slurping sound.

Binis caught her breath after a moment, then took another deep breath. She looked over her shoulder at her master, then frowned as he raised an eyebrow.

She thought for a second. “Twenty-six?”

“Good, Binis Ki. You have exceeded my expectations.”

She started to correct him, to tell her master he named her wrong, but the words caught in her throat. A joyful expression crossed her face as she realized she had just been promoted.

Her mouth slowly opened in surprise as a strange joy filled her. Anuset smiled and walked out of the temple room, still naked. He reached up and snapped his fingers in the smoky air. The chains that held Binis in the air released, dumping her to the ground.