Bailey groaned in discomfort as she woke up. Every part of her body ached as she stretched. Her feet smacked against the firewall of her car and her fingers bumped along the steering wheel before she remembered she had fallen asleep in her car.

The vestiges of her sleep and nightmare blew away in an instant as she froze, hoping that she didn't accidentally hit the horn again.

After a moment, she forced open her eyes and rubbed the crud from her fingers as she tried to orient herself.

A roar of plane above her shook the car.

“Oh yeah, by the airport.” It was a shitty place to park, mainly because the farmers and homeowners didn't like “vagabonds” but she had to keep moving to avoid the cops which meant risking a new place every night.

With a yawn, she looked around. It was barely light, maybe six in the morning. The tractors were already out but otherwise it was a peaceful day with wisps of mist rolling along the ground.

Her bladder decided to wake up.

“Shit, shit, I'm moving,” she muttered as she fumbled for her keys from the cup holder and then got her car started. It was a shitty sedan with rusted side panels and a motor that grumbled, but it was also her only shelter for the last few weeks.

It still stung to get kicked out of her parents' house. She knew they would respond poorly, but she thought she had been balancing being a closeted lesbian and her parents' perceptions of being good girl for over a year.

But, a few stolen kisses between study sessions led into groping and heavy petting. So, they were both biting back moans as they had fingers in just about every crevice and hole they could find.

It was just her lucky that just as Bailey had her head underneath Allison's skirt and her mouth pressed to a very wet slit that her father came in to announce pizza.

That was when Bailey learned that there was no graceful way of extricating herself from a pair of clenching thighs, wipe the juices off her face, and still protest her innocence.

Now Bailey was living out of her car while her parents tried to find the title and Allison was throwing Bailey under the bus in hopes of keeping her own reputation sterling.

Thoughts underneath a storm cloud, she turned around in a nearby parking lot and headed north. There was a YMCA that still honored her membership. She didn't know how long it would last, but until her parents stopped paying for it, the membership meant a clean shower and a chance to make herself presentable. Then she could head over to Dilly's Diner for a cheap meal in exchange for washing dishes for an hour.