Two new bylines

Over the years, I've had two additional bylines that were mostly kept separate from this one. I'm making them available to my patrons.

Four removed chapters from Puppy Mill 2

While writing this month's words for Puppy Mill 2, I realized that I introduced a plot hole that invalidated the last four chapters written.

Lack of forward progress

Things haven't moved forward as well as I hoped they would.

Site changes, reshuffling indexes, and updating style

I decided to revamp my site significantly in the last few days to make it easier to add to it as a I go. I also wanted to get categories and tags working again. The result is now uploaded and available.

Puppy Mill 2: Chapters 20-22 plus reworking 19

For my patreons, I've added three more chapters but had to rework the previous chapter to avoid writing myself into a corner.