Two new bylines

Over the last few years, I tried to bring in some income writing “vanilla” porn and posting it on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. It worked but the exclusive nature of KU means I can’t share them with you. And I’d rather lose the tiny advantage of being on KU if it means showering my various patrons with more stories.

Today, all of my short stories and series for those two bylines are posted here on the website. They aren’t my usual fare in that they are sweeter and Kindle-friendly. This also means no incest, rape, violence, or non-consensual.

Both bylines are firmly set in the Shadowed Earth universe.

The first is D. Dancer. This is an exclusively gay byline with the primary focus being on submissive males, most of which are comfortable with their sexuality even if they hadn’t had cock. It also includes my favorite of huge cocks and lots of messes.

  • Under the Desk: A submissive is forced into crossdressing to keep his job.
  • Getting Inside: A short story of a college boy who races to his dorm during a winter day to enjoy masturbating and trying to get a dildo in his tight little ass.
  • The New Trainer: A story of an office worker who gets bored and ends up getting a lot more than a simple workout from the express gym on the first floor.
  • The Russian Landlord: This is actually a series of four stories about a submissive cross-dresser who is caught, teased, humiliated, and exposed by his Russian landlord. There are potentially two more stories after this (Seduced by the Landlord and Evicted by the Landlord) but I haven’t written them yet.
  • Chicago Werewolves: Two stories about a gay werewolf pack.

The second byline, which only has a pair of stories, is Katie Sebastian. Katie is a vanilla sex with female protagonists.

  • Advanced Seduction: A college age girl ends up seducing and being seduced by her former high school teacher.
  • Designated Single: The potential beginning of a new series about wedding photographers who enjoy seducing.

Even though the total collection is over a hundred thousand words, I’m going to call this a “single” submission for my patrons. These stories are only available to patrons. Eventually these will show up on their own sites again but this is where patrons can read them.