Seven more chapters for Puppy Mill 2

Well, this has been a fun month when it came to puzzle it out that nasty little knot I accidentally introduced in Puppy Mill 2. The problem with that damn infernal is that she has things very well planned to fight fight against the alphas (and possibly the omega). It only takes one slip to let her know that her traps were set and then she gets to use one of her many contingencies.

So this month, I got to show one of those contingency plan taking effect. All because Dixie and Tabitha used their special bond to ask a question. That little event cascaded into an entirely different set of plots where Merrie didn’t have a rousing fuck to recover from power and instead was fighting for her life seconds after putting up the shield.

This also let into new plots that I’ll be integrating into the story such as Sable’s damage from the fight.

Overall, I think it is still a good story and I really hope you will continue to follow me as I continue to work my way through it. Things are going to slow down in plot a little since we are coming out of the first arc and moving into the second. I think it will be a fun journey as Merrie’s path leads her to the one place that I have referenced many times in my stories but never detailed: Abbinkey Prison.

This month’s chapters are chapter nineteen through twenty-six coming out to twenty-two thousand words. Much of that is the rewrite which I don’t feel right charging for, but the I think it would be reasonable to count this as a “charge” for Patrons. I’m going going to push toward posting chapters more frequently for all patreons and removing the lead time for the higher level patreons. At the moment, no one has really given me any suggestions and I think getting stories out “early and often” would be a lot more satisfying. It won’t change much, I do binge write (the last five chapters were written in the two days).

You can read the chapters at the Puppy Mill 2 page.