Still working on Puppy Mill 2

It isn’t quite at the point of being a “submission”, but this weekend I managed to write just over nine thousand words on Puppy Mill 2. It finishes up the fight for the mill house and leads into the somewhat dark sexy times that follow right after.

This also has one of my favorite couples to write for: Bass and Sable. It isn’t quite a submission for Patreon but I wanted to share early and often this month to give a sense of progress. It’s been pretty busy at my end.

I did get a third commission (Puppy Mill 2 being the big one and a non-sharable one for the second). This next one is from a commissioner who has frequently let me share their work with Fatal Tricks and A Good Deal. Needless to say, it will probably be a bit on the violent side. It will be a challenge to finish them. Puppy Mill 2 is the long term one, this is expected to take me at least a year, but I want to have at least some writing posted every month.

Concerning the $5 month entries, I’m working on getting the bandwidth for a 10k word story soon. As soon as I do, I’ll post an email to you to find out which one it is.