Chapters 4-7 of Unpleasant Diversion is up

At the beginning of the month, I did a second poll for what I should write. Sadly, I ended up not being able to do the “secret baby project” because the month got away from me. Sadly, Fluffy was severely sick for three weeks and I had to fulfill her obligations.

I was also working on a commission which is sucking the life out of me. Lately I’ve been struggling with getting commissions done, mainly because the additional needs to pay attention to the children (Spawn and Fork). I’m thinking about dropping them indefinitely until I can get the bandwidth to work on them. Once I get through the next seven scenes, that should be the last one I’ve accepted.

Because it required less planning on my part, I worked on the next batch for Unpleasant Diversion. I honestly thought I was going to get the monster sex with this one but I got lost in the world-building and lesbian scene. Hopefully the next one will the last part but we’ll find out. These characters are turning out pretty fun and I’m historical known as blowing past my word limits like a tentacle into a lubricated asshole.

Patreons can read all seven chapters. Once I finish the story, I’ll start doling them out as a weekly serial.

The “secret baby project” is going to be the next project (except maybe a batch of Puppy Mill 2 because of other obligations, I have to do one batch every three months). If I can get through my commissions, I’m hoping to writing more.

On the Derik’s Luck front, the editor is steadily moving through it. It looks like it is on track for getting published by end-of-year which means I need to start getting a cover for it.

Thank you for reading, I love all of you!