Minor changes to Rodo

I got a report that rodo was not showing categories. After investigating to confirm, I spent a day doing a little cleanup on the site. It still isn’t “done” in that I’m removing most of the conversation posts and turning it into a story archive, but it is one little step in the right direction.

If you remember, rodo used to be a Simple Machines Forum (SMF) but I got hacked a number of times. I started up a new discussion forum but couldn’t migrate the old, spam-infested site over to the new one.

I’m hoping to get to the point where others can contribute stories again. Right now, just contact me to get stories added. Many of these stories aren’t anywhere else on the Internet so I want to keep them, not to mention the social contract when I created the site was that I would do my best to maintain the archive.

I haven’t given up on rodo, it is just slow.