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... and I'm Back

Well, NaNoWriMo is over and my guilt-filled days of not writing porn are over. I'll have to fix that in the next few weeks so there should be a flood coming.

Puppy Mill 2 30: Dire Awakening

For all the joy and pleasure of being with Bass again, Merrie can't escape her obligations. She has to leave the comfortable spot sandwiched between Bass and Sable for a mysterious meeting with the count.

Puppy Mill 2 31: Properly Cleaned

After getting clean and ready for her audience with the count, Merrie is attacked by the last person she expected in the hallway. Despite her skills, her opponent is very skilled and protected beyond just magic.

Puppy Mill 2 32: Justification

Captured after her attack with the infernal, Merrie is forced to wait for justice. But when one accusation has been resolved, another far more serious one is leveled against her. She has to choose between two decisions, neither will save Merrie completely.

Puppy Mill 2 33: Inner Thoughts

Stuck in a prison cell, Merrie struggles with her decision not to close the portal to the Shadows. She doesn't understand how she could have doomed thousands of people with the geas that prevented her from doing so.

Today on Perry Singer 2

I've posted the entire sequel to Today on Perry Signer up for my patrons.