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... and I'm Back

Well, NaNoWriMo is over and my guilt-filled days of not writing porn are over. I'll have to fix that in the next few weeks so there should be a flood coming.

Puppy Mill 2 11: Bugged

Unsure if she is being watched, Merrie keeps her shade spell up as she tries to find whatever spell the intruder had left behind.

Puppy Mill 2 12: More Bugs

Together, Borias and Merrie try to identify the powers in the trap but it is difficult. But then Merrie makes a discovery about the source of one of the spells.

Puppy Mill 2 13: Ambushed

Merrie and Borias were running out of time. Bass and the others would return to the mill soon and they hadn't found out anything about the trap the invisible person left behind. Will they find out in time or will the rest of the mill walk into a trap?

Puppy Mill 2 14: Shadow Lands

Merrie flees into the shadow land looking for something that would help turn the tide of the battle. What she didn't expect to find was the Lord of Shadows waiting for her, with a promise of to help in exchange for a terrible price.

Today on Perry Singer 2

I've posted the entire sequel to Today on Perry Signer up for my patrons.