... and I'm Back

Well, NaNoWriMo is over and my guilt-filled days of not writing porn are over. I’ll have to fix that in the next few weeks so there should be a flood coming.

Actually, I spent most of the month working way too many hours for my day job. This happens every year (the product is released annually on the first of the year) with some years being worse than others. This has been one of those “really bad years” which is why I’ve been struggling to post things all year much less the last month. Hopefully that will get better next year because I seriously need to write some porn.

This month I was also hoping to get paid and be able to post the last commission I did. That didn’t happen. After a month of radio silence, I wonder if they are going to blow me off after they get the final version of the commission. I’ve always worked on the honor system but… I’ll make it up this month one way or the other.

My current plans this month is to post at least ten thousand words but aim for twenty to make up for my silence.

This might be a commission I’m going to start. Otherwise, I’ll finish stories and maybe write up some quick pieces because I have a hankering for cute guys getting ass fucked.

I have a third commission also, but I’m not sure if I can/should share it since it is underaged yuri snuff and cannibalism. That’s always made me uncomfortable because of the political climate in this country so I haven’t been posting that over the last few years.

Puppy Mill 2 has enough in the posting queue to keep weekly chapters so I wasn’t planning on doing another batch in January.

Thank you so much for everything. I love all of you.