This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!

While working on adding some details to my website, I stumbled on a number of short stories which have been written but never released to the public. Well, some of them were part of a flash fiction context ten years ago that I never got around to adding.

These are three flash fiction context entries:

Finally, I have a much longer piece filled with tentacles and unbirth-related themes:

  • Intruder: Amy has nothing else to do on a hot and sweaty night, at least until an officer came by to warn her about a creature escaping from a local lab. Despite his assurances that she is safe, Amy finds herself victim to an unnatural creature who something she would never expect.

Finally, I have a story that I’ve been uncomfortable to post because it deals with sex and minors. I’ve recently decided to post it, but only with a subscriber login to limit access to it. This way, it won’t show up on Google and I can prevent real minors (as opposed to the fictional ones I write about) from reading it.

  • Father’s Day Pact: It was Father’s Day and Robert missed his deceased wife with all of his heart. His daughter was out for the day which meant spending time alone with his sorrows. At least until his daughter’s friend, Melody, shows up wearing nothing but a ribbon and a pair of underwear.

As a note, underaged sex will never become the focus of my writing. However, I have a number of commissions that deal with that topic. I also write it to describe social commentary (magic ages, destruction of holidays), so they have artistic merit.