Announcing Willing Sacrifice
This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!

I’m posting a commissioned novella, Willing Sacrifice, to my website. While this has no sex—it didn’t fit the story—it is an intimate story about the nature of religion and sacrifice to the greater good.

Samantha had the perfect research project for college, to visit her uncle who practices the “old ways” of some backward pagan religion. The rest of her family used to follow the same path, so it seemed like a perfect chance to finish her thesis and reconnect with her family’s history. When she found a hint of murder, she wasn’t expecting how far she’d be willing to go to find the truth.

The novel is eleven chapters and just under twelve thousand words. If you are interested in reading it, consider becoming a patron or wait about a year or so once Unpleasant Diversion and Ganondorf’s Triumph are posted.

This also means I’m down to one and a half commissions left in my queue before I’ll focus more on my personal writing and Patreon.