This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!

This month, I’m releasing another of my commissioned novellas, Heat of Passion 2: Rewind. This continues Sakura’s and Tomoyo’s journey into love, time travel, and consensual cannibalism.

When Sakura woke up, she realized that she had been burned and eaten alive and she loved it. Soon, she is once again desiring the heat of passion and draws both her cousin Tomoyo and her friend Meilin into her fantasies.

This is the second of five commissioned novellas with these characters. It is almost a full novel at thirty-one thousand words but has a lot of sex, mainly romance between the two cousins. It also explores the powers of the Clow Cards and some creative uses of them to enjoy her fantasies.

I rarely write under-aged characters (not really my thing) but this was a rather sizable commission. Because Sakura on screen is still in school, I want to prevent access of this story to those who don’t understand this nothing more than fantasy. Because of that, I request you become a subscriber if you want to read it.

This is fantasy and fiction, nothing more.