On the first of August, I'll start serializing Breeders. This is a patron-supported piece so it will be on a relatively slow schedule (every four weeks to make sure I don't run out until I've finished).

Breeders is a homage to JRPG and Bard's Tale in justifying where all those nearly identical monsters came from. In this case, the source of the breeders, a group of hyper-violent women who breed out monsters identical to the ones that are able to overpower their significant defenses and rape them.

As the breeders get more powerful, they venture out and require more powerful monsters to defeat them. This is why regions in a game are steadily more difficult, the monsters have to work harder to breed and reproduce.

The main character of the story is Erlea, a Honningbie or bee-girl, who is a summoner and has a pretty impressive energy blast. She is joined by bee girls, beetles, moths, and other cadres as they seek revenge on monsters that decided to go beyond the rules.

  • Consensual and Non-Consensual
  • Violent
  • Blood and Gore
  • Pregnancy
  • Tentacles
  • Huge Cocks
  • Snuff

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