This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!

Given what I write, I’m not very public with the relationship between online persona and my physical body. In some ways, this is good because it lets me write what I want to write about without worrying about silly things like keeping my job or disturbing my family.


That also means that it isn’t always obvious how to contact me. The best way is through email, since I check that fairly often:

Now, while I check it often, occasionally I get stuck in the flurries of life. Feel free to poke me on occasion if I haven’t responded in a week. Usually, I respond within 48 hours but occasionally, it just gets lost or it may have got caught in a spam filter.

Social Network

Slowly, I’m getting on a few social networks. I am not on two of the more popular ones (Google+ and Facebook) because they require “real names” and t’Sade is not my legal name. I also think that anonymity is important in the world, so you won’t find me there until they change their policies.

Mailing Address

I don’t give the address that I live away on the Internet. I also don’t give that type of information about myself anywhere, but I do have a mailing address:

5001 1st Ave SE
Ste 105 #401
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402


Occasionally, someone sends me money, either as a donation to my website or for payment of services. Since I don’t use t’Sade legally, please contact me before you send anything since I probably won’t be able to cash it.