Shadowed Earth

Shadowed Earth is a contemporary fantasy world set roughly during our time. The dates for the stories are typically in the 2000’s but in a world where violence is a bit more common, there is magic hiding in the shadows, and sex is a bit more extreme.


Apple Pie

Gwen is having a bad day when she catches a cold and has to stay home. But her husband, Ronald, has an idea of how to cheer her up. And it involves an apple pie.

Many years ago, there was a friendly rivalry between the high school's swim and football team. Tracy didn't realize that years later, the old football team would still hold a grudge for him. He found out when he lost his job and his old football rivals offered him a position on their boat.

On his birthday, Thomas finds out more about his girlfriend, and her boyfriend, in a plot that risks more than just his life.

Cuffing Carrie

A flash fiction about cuffing a dominatrix of a friend.

Customer Service
Damn You

A flash fiction for a little bondage scene.

Dressing Up
Fortune Cookies

Marilyn just finished the deal of a lifetime. A multi-million dollar project for her company and the promotion when she got back. But why is she only thinking of the strange restaurant in the middle of the city, the one with a stranger name but a handsome waiter with wonderful green eyes?

Amy has nothing else to do on a hot and sweaty night, at least until an officer came by to warn her about a creature escaping from a local lab. Despite his assurances that she is safe, Amy finds herself victim to an unnatural creature who something she would never expect.


A short little story of a man who sees a cute woman and he had to touch her.

It was Father's Day and Robert missed his deceased wife with all of his heart. His daughter was out for the day which meant spending time alone with his sorrows. At least until his daughter's friend, Melody, shows up wearing nothing but a ribbon and a pair of underwear.

Tornado Watch
Type of Pervert

Samantha had the perfect research project for college, to visit her uncle who practices the "old ways" of some backward pagan religion. The rest of her family used to follow the same path, so it seemed like a perfect chance to finish her thesis and reconnect with her family's history. When she found a hint of murder, she wasn't expecting how far she'd be willing to go to find the truth.