Web of Stars
This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!

Web of Stars is a pulp science setting that has plenty of aliens, spaceships, and high tech.

Eliza and the Raptor cover

Eliza and the Raptor

Eliza's only crime was stealing a few seconds of pleasure on her space patrol. Her sentence was life of hard labor in the asteriod's mine. But, salvation comes when they need someone expendable to spend time with the newcomers, a fleet of intelligent dinosaurs.

Novel Published

Pussy Thieves

Tercie was a hard worker, waking up every day, performing her tasks, and steadily working toward the next rank in the company. Everything changes on the day she woke up to find someone had stolen her pussy, rendering her asexual without her ever knowing why. That follows is a quest to find whoever stole her sex but still found the urge to torture her into almost reaching endless orgasms before refusing to let her cum.


Unpleasant Diversion

For the last few years, Dina was getting ready for a century-long trip that would ensure she and her new husband would have a rich life on a planet far away. But the trip would end up being diverted to something far more terrible.



Story Young Adult Male Young Adult Transgendered Hermaphrodite Consensual Oral Anal