This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!

For quite a few years (well, since 1991 or so), I’ve been posting erotic and bloody stories on my website for anyone to read. That worked out pretty well when I was a teenager living in my parent’s house or a twenty-something writing some porn between classes. Life changes, though, and now I’m in a position where free has become a struggle to maintain.

I have no desire to ever include ads on this website unless they are for projects I control, that includes almost all of Curious Cabbit and the associated “authors” (mostly me wearing different thongs).

On the other hand, I like when someone reads stories. I love comments, I love fan art and fiction, I love the interactions. So, I decided to hope on Patreon to help pay for my writing and relieve the financial pressure of running an erotic words site for better part of three decades (hint, I’m not twenty anymore).

What does Patreon get you?

Well, the biggest is every story and novel I sell. The monthly subscribe of a single dollar gets you access to my full novels (such as Eliza and the Raptor). It also gives you access to the stories and novels of the other bylines as they are written. Right now, that is about ten short stories and two novels but it will increase rapidly as I get more patrons.

The second benefit is works-in-progress. I write long series that are posted on various sites. Since I maintain a one chapter a week posting schedule, that means the 30-90 chapter pieces will take over half a year to eighteen months to come all the way through. Can’t wait? Join the patrons and get everything I have up to that point. These are relatively raw, but I’m usually somewhere between one and thirty chapters ahead at any point.

That is all for a dollar a month. Obviously, I’d like you to keep subscribing, but the more you donate, the more I can write.

There are higher rewards, of course. At the five dollar range, you can participate in surveys and votes for what I work on next. This means if you really like my sci-fi or fantasy pieces and want to see more of them, then subscribe at this level. I’ll also post questions to those rewards when I can’t figure out if someone lives or dies or what fetishes they’ll be suffering.

Heat of Passion

In the beginning, it was a girlish desire to know what it was like to die. Sakura had experienced so many near-death experiences but the lick of The Flame drew her attention and lusts back. She wanted more of it, not only to feel it burning on her skin but to feel what would happen if the card had won.

Series Commissioned gg rom oral ggM cons sn bond cann magic Young Adult Female

Heat of Passion 2: Rewind

When Sakura woke up, she realized that she had been burned and eaten alive and she loved it. Soon, she is once again desiring the heat of passion and draws both her cousin Tomoyo and her friend Meilin into her fantasies.

Series Commissioned ggg oral ggg oral rom gg oral rom g-solo g-solo magic Mggg oral anal cann magic sn Mggg oral anal magic cann sn Mggg oral cann magic sn


How are there hundreds of identical monsters in the world? Why can they be slaughtered by grinding adventures and there still be more to fight? There is a reason, a secret reason of how those monsters populate those areas: breeders.


Derik's Luck

Through a series of unfortunate and unlikely events, a master thief ends up naked in a harem while hiding from the authorities. What follows is a story of submission, magic, and unlikely lust.

The Mummy's Girl cover

The Mummy's Girl

A high-fantasy erotic tale of a man and a woman who are separated in death, one bobbing the waves of reincarnation and the other who has risen as a mummy.


Puppy Mill 2: From the Shadows

The only thing that could stop Merrie and her collar was a god. In specific, Lemetri, a goddess of light and justice. When Merrie battled Lemetri to save Bass, it ended in the deaths of both bitch and goddess. One of them would survive.

Advanced Seduction cover
Pack Dominance cover
New to the Pack cover
Designated Single cover

Economies of Scale

Janice was the twin sister of a model but she didn't want to use her beauty for her job since, sooner or later, it would fade. Instead, she specialized in quality assurance and processes which made her the perfect employee for Universal Exchange. But her boss, Duncan, had some other ideas of her future and he was willing to shepherd her into the world of horror that fueled his riches.

Novella Amputation Asphyxiation Bondage Dehumanization Enema Forced Breeding Insanity Kidnapping Medical Procedure Montage Scenes Rape Sensory Deprivation Slavery Torture
Getting Inside cover
Caught by the Landlord cover
Teased by the Landlord cover
Humiliated by the Landlord cover
Exposed by the Landlord cover
Under the Desk cover
Eliza and the Raptor cover

Eliza and the Raptor

Eliza's only crime was stealing a few seconds of pleasure on her space patrol. Her sentence was life of hard labor in the asteriod's mine. But, salvation comes when they need someone expendable to spend time with the newcomers, a fleet of intelligent dinosaurs.

Novel Published

Pussy Thieves

Tercie was a hard worker, waking up every day, performing her tasks, and steadily working toward the next rank in the company. Everything changes on the day she woke up to find someone had stolen her pussy, rendering her asexual without her ever knowing why. That follows is a quest to find whoever stole her sex but still found the urge to torture her into almost reaching endless orgasms before refusing to let her cum.