Welcome to one of the many dark underbellies of the Internet, places where tentacle monsters lurk in every sewer, demons wait in ambush in alleys for someone cute to wander alone in the middle of the night, and where the cannibals fall in love over a romantic dinner. I've been writing for a number of decades and always had a fascination with the beauty that happens in moments of horror. I also adore the sexy moments in movies before the serial killer starts with the bloodshed or when a good hate fuck gets violent.

That isn't to say I only write horror because I love the tender stories just as much. It's just that so many others write the loving romance, the gentle touches, and the blossoming love that the darker stuff has a tendency to drown out. If sweeter fare is more of your interest, I recommend you instead head over to:

  • D. Sadie - All my sweet, consensual stories (18+) in one site with limited links back to this one.
  • D. Dancer - Gay stories of werewolves and first times.
  • Katie Sebastian - Stories of seduction and gentle kinks, nothing more extreme than a bit of seduction and spanking.
  • Curious Cabbit Press - The publishers of my books.

If you are still interested in staying, I have links to the D. Sadie stories here so you can see the full range of content. I also try to tag when possible, but I'm always trailing behind in good descriptions and tagging.

Much of what I write is catered by other authors and much of my more recent topics are strongly influenced by the feedback I get from readers and my highest tier of subscribers who gets to vote on the next piece.

Needless to say, this site has fictional sex and violence. You may not like it or you may might. Regardless, if you can't tell the difference between the two; are less than the age of twenty-one; or aren't mature enough to handle this content, then get the hell out and find somewhere safer to browse. I'm only interested in turning on and entertaining people who have a firm grasp of reality and understand this isn't anything more than words on a screen.

Recent Chapters and Stories

I write constantly and have done so for years. I've tried to write mainstream and vanilla stuff, but I like writing this stuff. It brings me joy and I seem to be good at it. With the advent of me getting subscribers, most of the new stuff is posted monthly on the various subscription sites. The stories are then doled out at a much slower rate (usually a chapter a month or something new every few weeks) for non-subscribers.

Call the Specialist 9: The Path Forward

Flush with success, Kayla and Bailey return to the diner for a final meal.

  • Chapter
  • 1,488
  • 5 minutes
  • 2024-03-28

Call the Specialist 8: Finally

Bailey finds herself underneath a thrashing ghost and the sexiest woman she had ever seen. But, for all of Kayla's insistence that the hunter wasn't into humans, it didn't stop Bailey from enjoying Kayla's fingers plunging into her body.

  • FFF oral anal bond
  • Chapter
  • 1,393
  • 5 minutes
  • 2024-02-29

Call the Specialist 7: Supernatural Consent

With consent given, Kayla starts her unorthodox approach to banishing the ghost.

  • FFF oral anal supernatural bond D/s
  • Chapter
  • 2,188
  • 8 minutes
  • 2024-02-01

Call the Specialist 6: Bait

Bailey is sent off to investigate the house on her own, Kayla's comments about using her as bait dancing in her head. What did the hunter have in mind with her and would the ghost get to Bailey first?

  • Chapter
  • 3,776
  • 14 minutes
  • 2024-01-04

Call the Specialist 5: Early Evening

Kayla passes the time with Bailey as they wait for the Scorned Woman to manifest.

  • Chapter
  • 1,680
  • 6 minutes
  • 2023-12-07

Call the Specialist 4: House Flipper

Bailey finds out more about the house they are going to investigate. But she quickly finds that Kayla is difficult to resist, even when the hunter isn't trying to seduce her.

  • F-solo voy
  • Chapter
  • 2,812
  • 10 minutes
  • 2023-11-09

Call the Specialist 3: Killing Time

Kayla kills some time at Dilly's Diner as she waits for the home owner to get back to her. While she wait, she meets one of the most interesting woman.

  • Chapter
  • 2,518
  • 9 minutes
  • 2023-10-12


A fancy word for “blog” but there are a few postings about the things going on in my head and in my life. I don't post frequently since I'd rather write stories, but you never know.

2023-09-12 - Tier Changes

To handle some of the changes needed by my subscription platforms, I'm rearranging my tiers (and bumping up the prices for new subscribers).

  • Post
  • 2023-09-12

2023-09-10 - Site Redesigns

The rest of the Curious Cabbit websites get a design based on this one, changes to the patron tiers, and a forking of stories to different sites to make them more topical (and safe to visit).

  • Post
  • 2023-09-10

2023-07-28 - Suspensions

My Patreon account was suspended and then enabled, therefore I'm going to change how I announce new chapters and batches. Plus, a few other life changes.

  • Post
  • 2023-07-28

2023-02-05 - New Website and Subscriber Changes

I did a website redesign, changed how subscribers can log into their accounts, and just random catch up from the last two years.

  • Post
  • 2023-02-05

2021-07-28 - Derik's Luck Book, Contest, and Polls

On August 17th, I'm planning on releasing my third major book, Derik's Luck. I don't do this often, but some books just cry for the full treatment and this is one of them.

  • Post
  • 2021-07-28

2021-06-25 - Puppy Mill 2: From the Shadows is done!

This weekend and after a flurry of writing almost fifty thousand words, I finished the draft of Puppy Mill 2. Some thoughts about it.

  • Post
  • 2021-06-25

2021-05-29 - May Status

I'm obsessing about things right now, which is why I haven't updated the schedules for found a new serial to post.

  • Post
  • 2021-05-29

If you want more, feel free to browse my archives but please remember that I evolve over time and things I was interested and the person I was ten years ago is not the person I am today.


Almost everything in this site is grouped around my individual settings. Below are the list which is a good way to explore based on what interests you.

Cannibal Twilight

Cannibal Twilight is a high-tech dystopia where cannibalism and slavery is the norm and there is a great difference between the has and has-nots.

  • Setting

Fallow's Lane

Fallow's Lane is a small anthropomorphic setting where there are no humans. The stories focus mostly on the events inside a large valley called Fallow's Lane but can go beyond the valley's limits.

  • Setting


A collection of fan-fiction stories written in various universes.

  • Setting

Iron Wings

Iron Wings is a post apocalyptic setting with no supernatural elements but with pulp science.

  • Setting


Jiropag is a LitRPG world based on older video games where monsters are identical and there are almost no females to fight. These stories are the world beyond the game.

  • Setting

Nine Sisters

Nine Sisters is a highly sexualized and violent fantasy world created by t'Sade. It could be considered in the same vein as Oglaf with less humor. It is also inspired by the older book series of the 70s, such as the Sword and Sorcery series where there is as much sex as stabbing with swords. Nine Sisters world is also inspired by the countless fantasy anime and hentai over the last few decades. There are hints of Slayers, Tenchi, Overfiend, and everything else that has managed to mix together into a soft, squishy world of blood and fucking.

  • Setting

Shadowed Earth

Shadowed Earth is a contemporary fantasy world set roughly during our time. The dates for the stories are typically in the 2000's but in a world where violence is a bit more common, there is magic hiding in the shadows, and sex is a bit more extreme.

  • Setting

Web of Stars

Web of Stars is a pulp science setting that has plenty of aliens, spaceships, and high tech.

  • Setting