Welcome to my home. It is a virtual one, much like my byline of t’Sade. That doesn’t make it any less real for me since my imagination is as virtual as this site. But, I’m proud of what I’ve created so I post them for the anonymous dozens who find my thoughts, stories, and ideas interesting.

Contents of this site will offend, disgust, and bring up uncomfortable feelings in 99.999% of the Internet population. Because of this, if you are any of the following, this is not a site for you to browse or explore: easily offended; under the age of twenty one; incapable of seeing beyond your own views; emotionally, physically, socially, or spiritually immature; uncomfortable with graphical displays of sex and death; or incapable of knowing the difference between the written word and “real life”.

I find life interesting and I write about it. This includes stories that take some fragment of an idea or random fleeting fantasy. There are essays about philosophy, religion, and everything else jammed in with the hot dragon on plant sex. I can’t easily separate them into porn stories or thoughts because they are mixed up in my head. The stories are part of my exploration of philosophy and also how I happen to enjoy sex and deal with my own fears of dying.

I’ll admit, some of these topics are on the current hot buttons of the world. I explore the world through my writing and therefore, I do consider those hot buttons through my writing. I also try to view all sides of an issue, so you’ll find things from the “wrong” point of view quite often on this site.


Puppy Mill 2 56: The First Night

On the first night, Merrie is pulled aside for special attention by the guards: a gang-rape that leaves her strapped to a stump.

Unpleasant Diversion 23: Softness

For all the hope seeing her husband gave her, Dina's nightmare wasn't over. Naam, in a quiet moment, decided to enjoy her body for himself.

Puppy Mill 2 55: Introductions

Merrie meets with the five other prisoners in her wagon, finding out who is going to be joining her for the ten day trip to the prison.

Unpleasant Diversion 22: A Surprise

Lost in the sorrow of losing her husband and hearing the tortures around her, Dina tried to pass the time in desperation. However, she has a visitor that makes that impossible.

Puppy Mill 2 54: Packing Light

Morning comes with fresh miseries as Merrie is brought to the transfer wagon. Naturally, Dornen and Hore take more opportunities to torture her before they join her for the week-long journey to the prison.

Unpleasant Diversion 21: Memories

Alone in the dark, Dina is forced to relive the memories of her husband's death.

Puppy Mill 2 53: Doubts

Merrie struggles with the knowledge that she can chose to use her powers or not. It is hypothetical until she notices an attempt by one of the Whore's Guild members to save her. Will she accept the possibility of freedom or pretend that she still has no powers and cannot save herself.

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Nine Sisters is a highly sexualized and violent fantasy world created by t'Sade. It could be considered in the same vein as Oglaf with less humor. It is also inspired by the older book series of the 70s, such as the Sword and Sorcery series where there is as much sex as stabbing with swords. Nine Sisters world is also inspired by the countless fantasy anime and hentai over the last few decades. There are hints of Slayers, Tenchi, Overfiend, and everything else that has managed to mix together into a soft, squishy world of blood and fucking.

Shadowed Earth is a contemporary fantasy world set roughly during our time. The dates for the stories are typically in the 2000's but in a world where violence is a bit more common, there is magic hiding in the shadows, and sex is a bit more extreme.

Web of Stars is a pulp science setting that has plenty of aliens, spaceships, and high tech.

Iron Wings is a post apocalyptic setting with no supernatural elements but with pulp science.

Fallow's Lane is a small anthropomorphic setting where there are no humans. The stories focus mostly on the events inside a large valley called Fallow's Lane but can go beyond the valley's limits.

Cannibal Twilight is a high-tech dystopia where cannibalism and slavery is the norm and there is a great difference between the has and has-nots.

A collection of fan-fiction stories written in various universes.