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12 days ago

8 Amends

While Erlea learns how to summon creatures, she accidentally passes out and falls off the top of the hive. She recovers enough to avoid damage but the brief moment of danger brakes the tension between her and Miere.

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2 Working Late

Hours later, Janice was in her boss' office working in surprisingly isolation. Duncan made no attempt to hit on her, but would it last or did he have something else in mind.

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40 days ago

7 A Little Pregnancy

Erlea and Saroia are heading over to the only other summoner in the hive, Nilli. However they come up to the bee being raped by two rats.

MMF reluc preg FF
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1 The Queue

Janice is reaching the end of her work day and can't wait to get home. Spending hours in her office working off a work queue on her tablet was tedious but better than her other options.

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68 days ago

6 Just a Little Lick

Erlea returns to her chamber and into the arms of her friend, Miere. However what started as an innocent make out session turned into something far more serious as Erlea found herself helpless to her lover's advances. Would her adventures be over before they started?

FF oral anal sub nc
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72 days ago

Writing and Site updates

After a hard first half of the month, I'm taking a little longer to finish this months batch of chapters however I started serializing Economies of Scale while working on the sweet sequel. I also added EPUB and PDF downloads to various stories.

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90 days ago

Perverted Lands Status

A status update on my development for Perverted Lands, my online game of perversion and violence.

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96 days ago

5 The Talk

Erlea gets a talk from Saroia about the nature of being a hunter and breeder, complete with warnings of what happens if she loves Miere too soon.

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4 One Tender Kiss

Erlea, Miere, and Lazia were happily strolling to their duties at the outer walls of the hive. However, what led into a forbidden dare turned into horror when a group of goblins attack.

M+FF oral 1st preg nc rp
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3 Testing

Once Saroia gathers up the various Honningbies who were being hatched, she takes them to the testing chamber to introduce them to Billie, a beetle Kaver warrior, and to tests their magical powers to see where they fit within the hive.

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2 A New Friend

While waiting like Saroia told her too, Erlea explores her new surroundings until Miere, another Honningbie shows up. They learn a little bit about the world until Miere notices that Erlea's wings were damaged.

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Economies of Scale is now available

My next piece, Economies of Scale, is available to subscribers. This is a story of slavery, forced breeding, medical amputation, and capitalism.

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1 Birthing Chamber

Erlea was born like most Honningbies and creatures in the world, released from her honey-filled chamber almost fully grown and already able to talk. Another bee, Saroia, greets her before going to find others that were hatching.

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Starting Breeders

On the first of August, I'll start serializing Breeders to the public.

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87 Hauling Duty

Merrie approaches where the two prisoners were going to dump her body but one of them has plans for a little more fun before he gets rid of her body.

MF necro skull sn F plant bond magic vore
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86 Switch

Merrie wakes up in a funeral wagon heading for parts unknown. However she isn't alone, she now has her new companion, her cloak Zillia.

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85 Zillia

Returning to the village, Merrie tries to find a familiar face.

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A new story for my Patrons, On the Town

For this month's submission, my patrons submission is On the Town, a little slavery snuff piece.

Patreon Cannibal Twilight

For my patrons, another batch of Breeders has been posted

For this month's submission, I have four chapters of Breeders for my patrons' enjoyment.

Patreon Monster Girl Breeders

Nine Sisters finally has a map and a codex

Nine Sisters now has the beginnings of a map and also a codex (like a wiki).


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Eliza's only crime was stealing a few seconds of pleasure on her space patrol. Her sentence was life of hard labor in the asteriod's mine. But, salvation comes when they need someone expendable to spend time with the newcomers, a fleet of intelligent dinosaurs.

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