Welcome to my home. It is a virtual one, much like my byline of t’Sade. That doesn’t make it any less real for me since my imagination is as virtual as this site. But, I’m proud of what I’ve created so I post them for the anonymous dozens who find my thoughts, stories, and ideas interesting.

Contents of this site will offend, disgust, and bring up uncomfortable feelings in 99.999% of the Internet population. Because of this, if you are any of the following, this is not a site for you to browse or explore: easily offended; under the age of twenty-one; incapable of seeing beyond your own views; emotionally, physically, socially, or spiritually immature; uncomfortable with graphical displays of sex and death; or incapable of knowing the difference between the written word and “real life”.

I find life interesting and I write about it. This includes stories that take some fragment of an idea or random fleeting fantasy. There are essays about philosophy, religion, and everything else jammed in with the hot dragon on plant sex. I can’t easily separate them into porn stories or thoughts because they are mixed up in my head. The stories are part of my exploration of philosophy and also how I happen to enjoy sex and deal with my own fears of dying.

I’ll admit, some of these topics are on the current hot buttons of the world. I explore the world through my writing and therefore, I do consider those hot buttons through my writing. I also try to view all sides of an issue, so you’ll find things from the “wrong” point of view quite often on this site.

Blog Posts

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