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10 Reduction

Only one more horror left for Janice for her processing. Then she would meet the mysterious White Stallion who sold her to these monsters.

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23 days ago

15 Cararas

The Shucks finally made it to the Queen Chamber and the hive was prepared with their final defense. What could hundred point bees do against a four hundred point monster much less their champion who would slaughter them without even trying.

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9 Silenced Forever

Janice's horrors continues as she is brought into the dental part of her torture. What were they going to do? And why did the woman before her have tubes coming out of her mouth?

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51 days ago

14 The Queen's Chamber

Erlea and Billie arrive at the Queen's Chamber as Saroia is making plans for their final stand. There are only a few hundred Honningbies left in the hive and every one is willing to give their lives to save the queen.

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8 Hair Removal

Janice's humiliation continued as she is wheeled to the first of the processing station: hair removal.

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79 days ago

13 Ambush

Erlea woke up giving birth to a goblin child. She was never expecting it to be a gloriously pleasurable experience nor how she would feel about losing her virginity to a mere monster.

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7 Unboxing

After days of hell, Janice is finally freed from her container. But is it really freedom or is she jumping from the pan into the fire?

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12 Among the Rubble

Erlea woke up after her plummet from the top of the hive. To her horror, every part of her body was in agony and she was in a deep puddle of ooze that burned her skin.

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6 Letting Go

Sooner or later, the captured Janice would have to deal with the one thing she was terrified: to relieve her aching bladder. Could she hold back until she was free? Or was she doomed to soil herself?

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11 The Book of Horrors

Erlea races to Nilli's chambers to get the black book that may save the hive from the invading Black Shucks. However she wasn't expecting a room full of unlabeled focuses and spell components nor was she expecting what horrors she would let loose once she found it.

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5 Packed In

Janice wakes up pinned in some strange container with antiqued technology monitoring her body. She tries to escape but quickly finds that she is helplessly pinned in place.

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10 Invasion

Erlea woke up to a battle. Black Shucks were invading and easily winning as they cut through the Honningbie guards.

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4 A Night to Relax

After working out, Janice was ready to enjoy her meal while watching a sexy movie on TV. Though, she found herself enjoying inappropriate fantasies about Duncan, her boss.

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9 Preparation

The Kandra Hive was in danger. No bee had returned to report what would happen. Realizing that danger may be coming, Saroia orders Erlea to her room to prepare for battle.

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3 The Night Shift

Universal Exchange had a lot of perks, one was hiring moonlighting officers to walk women to their cars. But while Duncan appeared to treat Janice like a lady, the female cop may be interested in more.

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8 Amends

While Erlea learns how to summon creatures, she accidentally passes out and falls off the top of the hive. She recovers enough to avoid damage but the brief moment of danger brakes the tension between her and Miere.

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2 Working Late

Hours later, Janice was in her boss' office working in surprisingly isolation. Duncan made no attempt to hit on her, but would it last or did he have something else in mind.

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7 A Little Pregnancy

Erlea and Saroia are heading over to the only other summoner in the hive, Nilli. However they come up to the bee being raped by two rats.

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1 The Queue

Janice is reaching the end of her work day and can't wait to get home. Spending hours in her office working off a work queue on her tablet was tedious but better than her other options.

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6 Just a Little Lick

Erlea returns to her chamber and into the arms of her friend, Miere. However what started as an innocent make out session turned into something far more serious as Erlea found herself helpless to her lover's advances. Would her adventures be over before they started?

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Eliza's only crime was stealing a few seconds of pleasure on her space patrol. Her sentence was life of hard labor in the asteriod's mine. But, salvation comes when they need someone expendable to spend time with the newcomers, a fleet of intelligent dinosaurs.

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