Many years ago, my mother surprised me with a brand-new Nintendo game system and a shiny, golden cartridge for a game called Legend of Zelda. Over the year, I would play that game obsessively. It was the first game I encountered with a New Game Plus mode and I absolutely adored it. In the years that followed, I played almost every game I could up until the N64. After that, I started to drift away.

Naturally, given how much I loved the series, it got entangled with my sexuality. One of my favorite turn-ons is any character in the series getting it on. That includes when Link is wonderfully submissive, Zelda is cross-dressing, and Gannondorf is the big bad who loves to shove his dick into everything. Gender-bending, submission, and humiliation all tied into that series beautifully even as I liked the more heterosexual romantic parts. The fight to save the princess, the noble war, even that brought me such joy.

Now, thirty-five years later, Zelda still is one of those games I compare against every other. It is also one of those searches on PornHub and story sites when I desperate for a rush. Always more.

A few years ago, I decided to start writing one inspired by a number of pictures of Link, Zelda, and Gannondorf interactions (much like Peach, Mario, and Bowser are a couple). It also tied into a few others, but I really wanted submissive Link in a threesome story and couldn't find what I wanted to fill that itch. That lead to the first eleven chapters of Gannondorf's Triumph. It hasn't finished because my higher tier of patrons get to vote on what's next and it hasn't rolled around yet.

But, if you like size, humiliation, forced feminization, non-consensual sex that all eventually leads up to consensual and possibly romantic, you might consider checking it out. I've made the story to date free to the public.


Love, t'Sade