It's been a while since I posted a blog post as opposed to a chapter. According to my site, July 2021. Blogging isn't really my strongest strength, mainly because I don't have any deep thoughts or words beyond writing erotica. Well, I do, but this doesn't really seem like the forum for it. I used to say Twitter was the best place to find me, but that has also turned into a dumpster fire so I've pretty much moved my off-the-cuff thoughts to my Fediverse account,

Of course, there is also the other ways of contacting me, if you ever want to ask questions, tell me something has gone wrong, or even just say what you think about what I write.

Site Redesign

For the last few years, I've gradually switched my preferences from light to dark mode. Sadly, the website didn't handle it so I would go from lovely dark sites to the blinding purple of the old I've been hesitating to do anything because there were some technical complexities involved, but I finally sat down and redid the website. It is now phone friendly and handles light and dark modes. Not to mention, it regenerates in about a minute on my laptop instead of ten minutes like the old one. And I'm able to make changes again without the entire thing exploding into flames.

With the redesign comes a different way of handling passwords. I'm not sure if it will work, but I got rid of the basic authentication (the pop-up dialog) and switched to a form-based one. This will allow things like password managers to work. In keeping with my privacy goals, security is done client-side with each page password-protected with some JavaScript that does not talk to my host. Instead, logging in downloads the encryption keys and uses those; this does mean you might see a flash of content when going to a password page, but if you are logged in, you should see the full text after less than a tenth of a second.

This version also introduces Atom feeds! I made three of them:

This will also lead to me eventually having a mailing list which basically just emails the feeds as they are posted. That way, you'll be able to visit the page, use a feed reader, or check your inbox all from the same source. Eventually I'll create a subscriber-only one but there are a few steps before that can happen, so I'm putting a needle in that.

Things Remaining

There are a few things I haven't finished, but I wanted to get this redesign out and then work on them with a more sedate pace. Not to mention I need to work on this month's story.

  • The book covers for my published books are missing.
  • Not to mention a couple stories need to be hunted down also.
  • Figure out what I'm going to do with my other bylines: D. Sadie, D. Dancer, and Katie Sebastian. I'm thinking about either pulling them out entirely or making them dedicated “settings”. Not sure, this is kind of a hard one because I do like the “one stop shopping” for reading my works but D. Dancer and Katie are so mild compared to t'Sade.
  • I had to take out the Nine Sisters codex (wiki) and the map.
  • The Jiropag map also got removed.
  • I would have to have keyboard shortcuts for going next and previous on chapters.
  • Show the number of stories, word count, and estimated time to read for a series.
  • Show the number of stories and series in a setting. Possibly show the number of words to get a good idea of my “big” ones.

Ganondorf's Triumph

As a minor note, I was feeling a bit low, so I decided to start putting some of my fan-fiction over on Archive of Our Own. The first one was Ganondorf's Triump but I noticed the last four chapters were not public, so I opened them up while posting.


One thing that became obvious is that I need to seriously go through the stories, one by one, and clean them up. Many are missing descriptions, use section breaks instead of chapters (which I prefer now), and proper ASSM codes or tagging. This is a huge undertaking since there are 174 stories/novels on the piece that come up to 3,413,678 words available on this site. At the “average” reading speed of 260 words per minute, it would take the so-called average person ten days of reading without a break to read everything. I'm a little faster than that, but I'm going to aim for fixing 5-10 stories a month until I get them done.


So, if you see any problems with the site, let me know. Or if you want to just talk, you can do the same. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the changes.