A couple days ago, I got a “lovely” set of messages from Patreon saying that my account was suspended because I was describing my plans for Ultimate Weight Loss Program. I wasn't upset, sooner or later I knew I would trigger their (banking partner's) sensibilities (toward the high charge-back rate of the porn industry).

Thankful, I was able to remove (most) of the posts I've made on that platform and they enabled my account in time for the end-of-month processing (and the bulk of my non-commission income).

But that also means that I need to change how I announce chapters and arrange my writing.


No, I'm not talking about compost (but it is a great way of reusing food and not wasting it) but breaking apart some of my writing. I have a number of bylines I use, mainly because t'Sade is “too much” for many people: D. Sadie, Katie Sebastian, and D. Dancer all come to mind. They also have their own websites which I have sadly not been maintaining for quite a while.

So, I'm going to resurrect those websites and then spread this site out across all of them. The bulk of the writing will be here, since I wrote them mostly as t'Sade, but the ones that are more sanitized and vanilla will be moved over and I'll create “pointers” to them (so the stories won't be on this site but this site will still list them in the various categories with an obvious link that they are “off site”).

I'm also not going to create any custom site formatting, maybe just change the colors because a good color scheme is almost as good as a good tentacle scene. But I will not have those sites point back to tsade.com. It's a one way trip to the safer places.

Monthly Batches

The second part is that I'm going to stop enumerating all the chapters on my announcement posts to Patreon and SubscribeStar. Those are probably going to be a boiler plate with just a brief paragraph of what is going on (to get past the teaser length on Patreon) and then links to the new tier 1 and tier 5 pages which list all the chapters in the batch in reverse chronological order (newest on top).

This also means that the higher tier will be able to see the chapters as they are being written so those folks will shamefully know how much I do in the last week of the month while jerking off the rest of the time (actually, I have a lot of obligations so I have a tendency to only focus on the chapters in the last week or so of the month).

I've also set up Atom feeds for both tier 1 and tier 5 for those who want up-to-date changes. Neither will update if I edit the chapter, but it will announce as soon as the first version of that chapter is available (usually when I consider it “feature complete”).

I might later produce a full content feed but I need the per-user logins working first.

Dolcett Girls Forum

For those who know, I've been the absent administrator for Dolcett Girls Forum for a decade or so. While I haven't drifted away from that community for years, I still kept the software up to date and things running. Last week, I breached the topic with some of the internal folks that I intend to step away from those duties now that Perro has died.

I like to explore new ideas. For a while, Dolcett was fun but it didn't last for me. I mean, I'm still going to write Welcome to Doclett and other stories, but that is “my” version of the world and less about others. I also plan on writing about the cheerleaders who were abducted in Dolcett Girls, but again it is exploring the world I created with that stories and less about Dolcett as a whole.