Earlier this year, this website was revamped with a new responsive style that handled dark mode as well as light, added better Atom feeds, and had a consistent password system that was slightly easier to maintain.

This weekend, I've updated and done the same to all the Curious Cabbit sites (excluding Rodo).

At the same time, there are links across the sites so if you click on the D. Sadie stories, it once again sends you over to that site (which has very few links back to this one). Also, Curious Cabbit has links to all the published and for-pay stories.

Patron Tiers

After a few years of not changing my patron tiers, I decided to make a few changes. This is related to splitting out D. Sadie and wanting to provide a steady stream of content for that byline in addition to this one. I'm not quite up the point of writing two batches a month so I'm going to aim for at least every other month being a “sweet” story.

This also means that I'm going to make the “Naughty Words” $2/month going forward but leave the current subscribers in a legacy tier for now. The main difference between the two is that the $2/month gets https://tsade.com along with https://dsadie.com, https://ddancer.com, and https://katiesebastian.com. The $1/month tier only has the last three sites.


The one exception to the site redesign is Rodo. Rodo was always my archive site of topics that were of interest or authors who have left the communities. The site has bit-rotted (to say the least), but I still have a vague idea of maintaining it but I'm also inclined to shutter it. I'm not really sure.