To handle some of the changes needed by Patreon and SubscribeStar, I'm rearranging my tiers (and bumping up the prices for new subscribers). The biggest change is that I'm splitting my monthly batch of (8-10k words into two batches of 4-5k words each). This is so I can focus one on being “sweet” (D. Sadie) and one being “sharp” (t'Sade).

Sweet Words ($1/month)

Sharp Words ($2/month)

  • Everything in the Sweet Words tier
  • Access to all finished dark stories on
  • A second batch (4-5k words) worth of darker stories or chapters every month

Sly Suggestions ($5/month)

  • Everything in the Sweet Words tier
  • Everything in the Sharp Words tier
  • Access to works in progress
  • Votes at for both sweet and sharp content