Davis clutched his bag as he got out of the automated car. It was better not to leave anything behind, otherwise he'd have to pay for the callback order. The weight was comforting as much as his jeans were constricting; he hated the feeling of his legs encased in fabric. His cock grew harder with the anticipation of changing as fast as possible.

The Chicago Red Line Station sat on the north side of St Louis, a dour building easily a few centuries old. The epoxy paint covering it in bright red resisted graffiti and weather, unlike the rest of the surrounding buildings. It looked like an apple in a poisoned wasteland of paint and concrete.

He looked around for Madi but didn't see her. With an annoyed sigh, he headed toward the building where the air conditioner blasted him with a rush of icy air that caused his balls to clench tightly against his crotch and give himself a little more breathing room.

A whine filled the air as a chain of small train cars pulled out of the station. The bright white carriages accelerated smoothly, racing behind a steel fence before plunging into an open tunnel that would lead to the underground network of vacuum tubes and exchanges. It would take less than a half hour to get to Chicago's New Union Station.

Davis started up toward the building when his wrist buzzed sharply. A prickle of fear raced through his veins as he saw a HunterNet alert pop up, a hunter had give the legally proscribed hour notice before they began to look for someone to hunt. He gulped and peered at the screen. Only a few blocks away but heading away from the train station.

With a sigh of relief, he passed through the check point and security scan to enter the terminal. The walls of the main hall had banks of vending machines selling everything from spare clothing, single use entertainment, or summon an automated car. Most of them were cracked and hazy from heavy use. The only new ones were the ticket vending machines.

Then he spotted a familiar ass.

Madi was a curvy Latino that drew everyone's attention. Today, she wore a classic 2094 championship Chicago Hyper Bulls t-shirt that hung off her breasts and gave delightful glimpses of her bare midriff every time she took a step. She spun a silver bracelet on her fingers, rocking her hips back and forth in time with the flashes.

More than a few guys watched with hidden lust in their eyes. Even from a distance, they were obviously undressing her with their eyes and thinking about her thick lips wrapped around their cocks.

Just as obvious, she knew because she spun on her heels frequently to cause her shirt to flutter and the tight fabric of her skirt to strain around her body. The stretch fabric outlined the globes of her ass and told everyone she wasn't even wearing a thong.

“Madi!” Davis called.

She turned. When she saw him, her eyes widened and she waved wildly, pulling up her shirt to reveal the bottom of her bare breasts. “Heya, Bitch!” she yelled in her exaggerated New Jersey accent. She was from Rock Falls, another Chicago suburb.

They embraced tightly, drawing more than a few jealous looks. Davis tried to imagine what the onlookers were thinking, a slender boy dating a bombshell of a girl? He grinned. The two had no romance between each other. If anything, they were competitors for the same type of pleasure: big, muscular, and tall. They had bonded over their own search for thick cocks.

She pulled back. “What the fuck, Bitch? Jeans and a polo shirt? We aren't going to Denver.”

“I had to get past my dad. You know how he is.”

Madi's face softened. “Dreamy?”

“That's disgusting, that's my dad.”

She beamed cheerfully at him and then blew him a kiss. “And I saw him wearing nothing that one night.” She fanned herself with her palm. “You can be forgetting sights like that. I know what he's got and I'm just waiting for you to move out before I take a shot at being your mommy.”

Davis pulled a face.

“Come on, you know you like them big too. I bet you stroked yourself thinking about that big rod of his more than once.”

He looked away, blushing hotly because she was right. “That's my dad,” he said lamely.

She slipped her arm around his waist. “Come on, Sissy, order us a nice car. Chicago isn't getting any closer. I want to dance with my bitch and you need to get pretty. Not this,” she flipped Davis' collar, “this thing.”

Together, they ordered a private car from the vending machine. He spurge on the rental for one with bathroom features and premium seating. A half hour ride was a long time and he needed most of it to get dressed up.

Hand in hand, they got in and settled down. The carriage rolled into place, connecting with the train cars queuing up to leave. One of the displays gave an estimate time to departure and arrival. They would be in Chicago within forty minutes.

His wrist buzzed again and he heard a mirrored vibration from Madi's. He glanced at it while she blinked to activate her optical implants. Another HunterNet warning, this one was only a few blocks away.

“Good thing we are getting out of here,” she muttered, “fucking rich people are horny today.”

He gulped, thinking about his father's words.

Madi's face softened. “Don't worry, they can't take public transporitation with the alert. We'll be fine.”

“What about Chicago?”

She blew a raspberry and waved her hand. “You may be fine, I may be finer, but there are plenty of sheep in Chicago to chase. The natives always head to the north side, that is where all the real meat hangs around.”

After a moment of worry, he double-checked the door and began to strip. His undesirable boy clothes landed on one of the couches, one piece after the other in rapid succession.

Madi slumped on another couch and smiled. “I love watching you strip.”

He blew her a kiss while he pulled down his jeans. The cool air teased his balls and buttocks. He stepped out of his clothes and kicked them into the corner. Straightening, he ran his fingers along both sides of his wrinkled sack. They were good-sized, about the size of eggs.

“It's a pity you're a grower. From here, it looks like you got a little boy's dick.”

Davis focused on his cock. Soft, it was only a few centimeters long length surrounded by wrinkled flesh. When he got harder, it would be much longer and thicker.

Madi arched her back, lifting the shirt until her dark nipples were visible. “You'd think with a cock like that, you wouldn't end up being a fucking pansy.”

“I like taking it more than giving it.”

“You like it up your ass, you mean.”

Davis grinned. “Deep-throat is also good. A bear that is a little rough? I can live with that.” His cock twitched, growing slightly.

“I never figured out how all those lovers of yours can handle you being larger than them.”

He shrugged. When she didn't say anything else, he grabbed his bag and pulled out his real outfit for the night. There wasn't much to see: a red miniskirt with a chunky buckle, a pair of stiletto heels, a matching top, and a mesh blouse with glitter. A pair of false tits and a makeup kit would completed his outfit. With a frown, he dug into his bag and pulled out a white thong from the bottom of the bag.

Madi let out a soft sound of happiness.

Davis looked over his shoulder.

“Get dressed, Bitch,” she said with a purr.

The car shifted slightly and he felt the g-forces tug him slightly. The display switched to advertisements and a countdown until arrival.

He ran his fingers along his balls one more time. There wasn't even a single hair on his sack or along his shaft. His twentieth birthday present to himself, laser hair removal from everything from his neck down.

After a few minutes of self-inspection, he grabbed the white thong and pulled it on. Rocking back and forth, he pulled it up over his smooth thighs and tugged it into place. Reaching in, he rolled his balls against each other until they were properly cradled by the thin fabric.

With his hands between his legs, he felt another buzz of his wrist. Pulling it back, he noticed there was just a faint smear of pre-cum along his pale skin. He turned and brought up the display. There was a HunterNet alert but they were already well out of the area. The map showed that they were still accelerating; the train was only going 500 kilometers per hour and would peak at 800.

A flash of red and orange before another buzz.

Madi groaned. “I thought the last update was going to fix this.”

Their transport raced through another few cities, a flash of the map trying to keep up. There were more reds and yellows followed by buzzing.

“Fuck this, remind me to turn it back on. I'm not in the mode to use my wrist as a vibrator.” Madi tapped angrily on her wrist and her body stopped vibrating.

Davis didn't want to risk having the alert turned off. He paused to calm his nerves and resumed dressing. He pulled the skirt on next. It was just as short as he liked it, revealing a hint of his white thong if he spun around too fast or bent over. He tested it a few times, his cock lengthening and pushing the skirt up with his anticipation. He stroked it through the silky material of the skirt.

The false breasts came next. He fitted them to his chest and held them tight. The nano-reactive material warmed with his heat and then melted to his chest. The material blended with his skin to form two perfect teardrop breasts.

“Not like the real things,” Madi said hefting her own.

Davis looked down at his breasts. He ran his finger along the hard nipples but couldn't feel anything besides a faint haptic feedback from the nipples and the vibrations of the near constant alerts. It felt good but it wasn't anything like touching his real nipples. He sighed. “I know. I can hope some day, right? Technology is always advancing.”

He ran his fingertips over the nipples again. He wished they were real, he wanted to feel like the body he dressed up on the weekends.

After a few moments, he grabbed his top and pulled it on. The black band with narrow and cupped underneath his fake breasts. Pushed up, it made his new bust almost as large as Madi's. He tugged harder and the edge of the material glued to his skin just above the nipples, ensuring that it wouldn't release unless someone pulled it down.

The gauze top draped over his body but he kept his heels off until the train stopped.

Madi finally stirred from her position. Lazily getting up, she gestured to a rolling seat. “Come on, let's get you dolled up.”

His wrist buzzed loudly. He glanced to see it was another useless HunterNet application. Annoyed, he tapped on the “report a bug” button, answered a few questions, and then muted the replies. He turned to Madi. “Don't forget.”

“I promise, I won't.”