One of the greatest horror hentai of all time and a major influence in my own writing, Urotsukidōji has a special place in my heart. And not only me since I have gotten a number of commissions to expand on the existing anime and give back stories for many of the unknown victims throughout the years.

Many of these stories establish their own mythology that weaves a thread throughout the canon stories, linking these women together into a spiritual sisterhood that started with That Poor Nurse, gained a new member in Freefall and then Fallen Idol before ending with Sisters of the Machine.

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Urotsukidōji: Fallen Idol

At the highest point of her life, Harumi sang and danced on stage in front of countless fans. Her fame reached into households across Japan with her innocent demeanor and trademark yellow. But, the life of a J-Pop idol was a hard one and one moment of weakness brought it all crashing down.

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