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How are there hundreds of identical monsters in the world? Why can they be slaughtered by grinding adventures and there still be more to fight? There is a reason, a secret reason of how those monsters populate those areas: breeders.


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# Chapter Summary
1 Birthing Chamber Erlea was born like most Honningbies and creatures in the world, released from her honey-filled chamber almost fully grown and already able to talk. Another bee, Saroia, greets her before going to find others that were hatching.
2 A New Friend While waiting like Saroia told her too, Erlea explores her new surroundings until Miere, another Honningbie shows up. They learn a little bit about the world until Miere notices that Erlea's wings were damaged.
3 Testing Once Saroia gathers up the various Honningbies who were being hatched, she takes them to the testing chamber to introduce them to Billie, a beetle Kaver warrior, and to tests their magical powers to see where they fit within the hive.
4 One Tender Kiss Erlea, Miere, and Lazia were happily strolling to their duties at the outer walls of the hive. However, what led into a forbidden dare turned into horror when a group of goblins attack.
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5 The Talk Erlea gets a talk from Saroia about the nature of being a hunter and breeder, complete with warnings of what happens if she loves Miere too soon.
6 Just a Little Lick Erlea returns to her chamber and into the arms of her friend, Miere. However what started as an innocent make out session turned into something far more serious as Erlea found herself helpless to her lover's advances. Would her adventures be over before they started?
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7 A Little Pregnancy Erlea and Saroia are heading over to the only other summoner in the hive, Nilli. However they come up to the bee being raped by two rats.
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8 Amends While Erlea learns how to summon creatures, she accidentally passes out and falls off the top of the hive. She recovers enough to avoid damage but the brief moment of danger brakes the tension between her and Miere.
9 Preparation The Kandra Hive was in danger. No bee had returned to report what would happen. Realizing that danger may be coming, Saroia orders Erlea to her room to prepare for battle.
10 Invasion Erlea woke up to a battle. Black Shucks were invading and easily winning as they cut through the Honningbie guards.
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11 The Book of Horrors Erlea races to Nilli's chambers to get the black book that may save the hive from the invading Black Shucks. However she wasn't expecting a room full of unlabeled focuses and spell components nor was she expecting what horrors she would let loose once she found it.
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12 Among the Rubble Erlea woke up after her plummet from the top of the hive. To her horror, every part of her body was in agony and she was in a deep puddle of ooze that burned her skin.
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13 Ambush Erlea woke up giving birth to a goblin child. She was never expecting it to be a gloriously pleasurable experience nor how she would feel about losing her virginity to a mere monster.
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14 The Queen's Chamber Erlea and Billie arrive at the Queen's Chamber as Saroia is making plans for their final stand. There are only a few hundred Honningbies left in the hive and every one is willing to give their lives to save the queen.
15 Cararas The Shucks finally made it to the Queen Chamber and the hive was prepared with their final defense. What could hundred point bees do against a four hundred point monster much less their champion who would slaughter them without even trying.
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16 Revenge In the aftermath of the battle, only three breeders survive. Soon, it would be two once Erlea gets free of Billie's grip and she killed the beetle girl for betraying her.
17 Directions After scavenging what they can from the burning wreckage of their home, the survivors have to find their way. Will they seek shelter or immediately chase after the creatures that slaughtered them?
18 A Taste of Honey In the middle of the night, Erlea is woken up by Miere as they switched who is staying awake to guard against monsters. After a brief shock, they have a chance to finally reconnect after everything had gone horribly wrong at the hive.
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19 Webbed Erlea quickly recovers from being thrown out of the shelter by Billie, but when she goes to move, she finds out that she has been caught by a spider that intended to use her.
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20 Laying Eggs After hours of feeling the spider eggs rolling around in her womb, Erlea finally gets relief as she is ready to give birth. It would be the first time with eggs and she didn't know what she was getting into.
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21 Crushed Dreams Erlea wakes up after the second round of being impregnated by the spider. This time, it was Billie and Miere that had found her, not monsters looking for a third round.
22 Red Goblin As the three travel, Billie is still furious and Erlea struggles with her own emotions as she wonders what she could have done differently. However, her thoughts are interrupted by a scream of another breeder being attacked.
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23 Aftermath Waking up after her goblin pregnancy, Erlea had a quiet moment with the breeder she rescued.
24 The Mohiran Branches Erlea and the others finally make it to the moth city, The Mohiran Branches. Before she gets comfortable, though, she has to tell the city elders exactly what happened to her home and hive.
25 Considerations Erlea has to wait for the Falene elders to make a decision about helping her. When they do, it is Tira's duty to offer what little help the Mohiran Branches can give the reluctant bee leader.
26 Affinity Tira has some questions about Erlea's goblin affinity, the one thing that excites the bee beyond anything else. However, Tira's line of questioning leads closely to risking everything for both bee and moth.
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27 Decisions Erlea and the others have to decide what to do about Miere and her affinity. Do they go back and retrace their steps to the other hive or do they push forward, risking a week bee to the lusts of countless monsters?
28 The Slime Forest They are finally to the second zone, the Slime Forest. The difference between the two zones is stark and obvious, but they quickly find out that there is danger for breeders in every zone.
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