Kinail was used to getting what she wanted in her small village. She was the only girl for her generation and that made her desirable by every boy that hadn't left. But then a beautiful stranger moved in and the exotic female drew attention from Kinail and she hated it.

But to get it back, she had to make a deal that she may regret later.


Chapter 1: The Doffed Hat

Kinail was the only eligible woman in a town with limited options. There were only three men around her age and she was happily fucking two of them. Life was good for her, better than good, she was content.

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Chapter 2: Eye Candy

With a chance to tease, Kinail rushed across the village square to see if she could seduce either Odar or Gabit. Both men were capable of scratching her itch.

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Chapter 3: Late Night Visitor

Feeling dejected with the arrival of Surin, Kinail decided to surprise Gabit with a late night visit and a quick fuck. But, there is someone already there when she arrived.

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Chapter 4: Story Time

Surin's stories were exactly what the village wanted to hear. They were fresh and new, something exciting to listen as they ordered food and lager from the Doffed Hat. The only person who suffered was Kinail.

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Chapter 5: Ranting

Upset at Surin's cruelty, Kinail runs to the edge of the village before she realizes that she was alone in the dark. Turning back, she had a long walk home but it was interrupted by someone else up after midnight.

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Chapter 6: The Mess

Life doesn't stop for Kinail, even with Surin doing everything she could to ruin the blonde's life. But when the two come in conflict, such as Kinail finding out that Surin was still seducing both men, there is only so much Kinail could take.

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Chapter 7: Decisions

After cleaning up the mess, the last thing Kinail needed to do was head to the old pond to see Surin with Odar and Gabit.

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Chapter 8: The Old Pond

Even though she knew it was the worst possible thing she could do, Kinail decided to follow after the lovers to the old pond and watch them fuck.

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Chapter 9: Negotiations

Kinail was finally desperate enough to ask Bogard to summon the demon. It meant she would have to do the disgusting things that he demanded, but she would do them if it meant that Surin would suffer.

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Chapter 10: Summoning

Kinail was ready for the demon Bogard would be summoning. Soon, she would have her revenge on Surin and she would be free of the red-haired beauty that had stolen her lovers. Though, even if it didn't work, she realized she enjoyed how Bogard had dominated her the night before; she could find herself enjoying him as a lover if the summoning didn't work.

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Chapter 11: Salvation

Kinail's life had become a living hell, a prisoner too weak to escape the demon that now kept her. Her world had become nothing more than than suffering in a cave between the moments when the demon used her for his own pleasures.

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