Cordina was the epitome of a spoiled princess. She had everything she wanted in life: a beautiful body, a clever mind, and a rich prince who wanted to marry her. But her second loyalty wasn't to the man who would be her husband but to her father, the man who had carved out a kingdom through betrayal and blood.

Now, after years of correspondence and her daddy's permission, she was about to embark on her new adventure, to visit her prince and get him completely and utterly enraptured with her. And with her daddy's blessings, she would do so even if it meant giving up her virginity or getting bred by the unwary prince.

What would happen on the trip couldn't happen to a better princess.


Chapter 1: Princess

Cordina was not exactly the nicest of rural princesses, but she had what she wanted: a promise of marriage to a handsome prince of a powerful nation, a body that women would kill for, and plenty of time to rule.

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Chapter 2: Mercenary

As much as Cordina turned out to be somewhat of a spoiled princess, her father is far worse both in the scope of his ambitions and the depths of his lust for his daughter.

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Chapter 3: Handmaiden

If there was one thing Cordina knew that would break up the boredom of her trip, it was berating her handmaiden. The common girl didn't know her place and the princess had plenty of time to teach her before she reached her destination and had Marin killed for treason.

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Chapter 4: Guards

Jumping from the carriage, Cordina got free of the woman who assaulted her but she didn't know that her freedom would be short when she finds other traitors to her father's throne waiting for her outside.

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Chapter 5: Goblins

Hoping to escape her rapists, Cordina races to the only shelter she can see, the ruins of the Hegemony Towers. Though, she didn't realize that it was only going to get worse for her.

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Chapter 6: Giant

Hobbling away from the goblin camp, Cordina hoped to find shelter in the ruined towers. Little did that she know she would covering the distance to the towers far faster than she hoped and in a matter far more terrifying.

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Chapter 7: Treasure

Praying that her surprise savior would survive the fight against the traitors, Cordina crawled to one of the ruined towers looking for a hiding space.

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Chapter 8: Queen

Gidail helped her husband pass the time until his daughter came back the only way she knew how, on her knees and sucking his cock.

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