Amile braved the hidden corridors of the castle to help her husband, Travin, defeat the druidic warlord, Makkor. But she wasn't expecting to stumble onto two prophecies that declared the kidnapped princess as the vessel that would birth a child that would destroy everyone. But it wasn't the first prophecy that bothered her, but the suggestion that she was tied into the second one, one that would pit her husband against her in a battle for the world.


Chapter 1: Dire Words

In an attempt to help her husband defeat Makkor, Amile sneaks through the hidden passages of the lord's castle in hopes of flanking him for their fight. But she is interrupted when Makkor's men's celebration breaks through the wall and risk revealing her.

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Chapter 2: The Final Battle

Amile joins in the fight between Makkor and Travin. Determined to help her husband, she quickly realizes how much more powerful the warlord was compared to either of them.

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Chapter 3: Bitter Celebrations

Bitter from being collateral damage from her husband's attack, Amile is left alone in the corner of the inn as the town celebrated its freedom. No one questioned the paladin who saved them, but that didn't stop her thoughts from dwelling on what had happened.

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Chapter 4: Getting Ready

Amile find herself trapped in the inn room by Travin's power. Every time she thinks of escape, she looses control of her own thoughts until she thinks of something else.

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Chapter 5: Freedom

Amile prepares herself for being bred with the child of prophecy, her thoughts blurred by her husband's mental control.

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Chapter 6: Royalty

Amile's face is sealed, the only thing left is to be bred by her husband.

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