This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!
At the moment, commissions are closed except to those who are previous commissioners or has a reasonable social connection to [me](/contact).

I love writing. I love taking the ideas out of my head and putting it down on the keyboard. If you can’t tell from the rest of the site, there are a lot of different stories there. However, some years ago, someone once asked me to write a story for them. It was a nice little fantasy, but I didn’t quite have the time since I was writing Dolcett Girls. They liked it so much, they offered me money to write it.

When I finished that one, another person asked, then another. After a while, I decided to formalize my writing for others, hence this page.

The base rate is 2¢ per word. This comes out to $100 for 5,000 words. I charge for the minimum word count, not an absolute one. If I love an idea and it takes another thousand or even five thousand words, then I will write it.

If you are interested, you can contact me to see if I’m open to writing a commission with your specific idea.


In general, I have given discounts for larger projects and also repeat customers.

  • 5% discount for 15,000 words or more commissions but I also need more time to work on it.
  • Repeat customers get a 5% discount for every 100,000 words commissioned (actually paid for). This is an important point since I frequently go over the requested word count, but the totals are based on what they asked/paid for, not what they got.


The commissioned idea can be anything. I’ve taken requests from the following:

  • A eight second scene from an anime.
  • A paragraph describing the plot and a list of names.
  • A number of paragraphs with details including photoshopped pictures of the characters.

I don’t ask for money up front. I work on the trust system and I found that when I’m paid ahead of time, I struggle to finish things. So, payment at the end is my carrot to finish. I usually get paid via PayPal, money order, or check.

On average, it takes me one week plus one additional for every five thousand words. Once I finish, I send out a first draft and ask for any changes needed. Occasionally there are grammar errors, I’ll fix those as I see them. I send out the results as PDF file, but I’ll send out other formats as requested. I don’t use Microsoft Word but I can produce RTF files without a problem.

When the commissioner is happy with the changes, that is when I ask for money. Also, I usually ask if I can post the story on mine and other websites. As part of that, I accept any changes specifically for publication. Most of them end up being name changes since some people ask me to write stories with specific people in mind. I honor requests not to post stories also.


While I can almost write everything, there are certain areas that I find myself struggling to get into. Some of these have come from prior requests.

  • Real-life people: Stories that deal with real people. I have no trouble with characters in movies, books, or comics, but stories dealing with people in magazines and television shows I struggle with. I don’t have a problem if the models are based on characters, but there is a big difference between “Actress A” and "a girl who looks exactly like Actress A".
  • Rigid plots: When I get a ten page plot that lists every event that happens, I struggle to write it. I need a lot of leeway when it comes to writing. Basic plot sketches are fine, but not scene-by-scene directions.