Suleiman woke up to the clink of coins drifting down the hall. Immediately, his cock grew hard with anticipation as he listened to the whisper of bare feet against the marble floor and the swish of cloth. Back in the days when the harem was filled, they would send a random slave to service him in the morning. Now, there was only Juliana left alive, but that didn't stop that brief moment of anticipation.

Outside the window, the sounds of his city, Alanya, rose up and blended with the endless waves from the Black. The tall stone walls of the palace blocked most of the sounds, but the faint din was a soothing indication of a successful sultanate.

Saffron and rose perfume drifted past him and his smile quirked his lips. He could imagine her standing at the foot of her bed, head bowed as she prepared her daily duties. Her long brown hair would be loose and flowing down her back, reaching halfway down to her well-rounded ass.

Juliana shifted slightly and her bracelets clinked together. She earned all three of them for years of service, both on the dance floor and in his bed. “Good morning, my sultan.”

Suleiman opened his eyes and looked down at her. The thin sheet covering his body was tented by his hardness and he loved how she licked her lips as she glanced at it.

She was wearing her rose outfit that day: an elegantly embroidered brassiere with hints of gold and green, a wrap-around skirt that showed off tantalizing glimpses of her naked thigh, and matching earrings and rings. She would be bare-footed and he could imagine her standing with feet perfectly straight as she waited for his command.

He gave a single nod. With Juliana, that was all that she needed.

With a smile, she crawled up on the edge of the mattress. It shifted under her weight. Her dark brown eyes were smoldering as she straddled his feet and crawled up. As she moved, her skirt split open to reveal a flash of the dark hairs guarding her pussy. the sight of her sex between the large swells of her breasts brought a quickening to his heartbeats.

Suleiman's breath grew deeper as he enjoyed the sway of her ass. Even when bowed, her hips rocked back and forth as if she was dancing for him. She was, in a way, and he appreciated the sensual movements of her body and the curves of her thighs against his own as she crawled up him.

Soon, she was straddling his knees. Reaching out like a cat, she grabbed the sheet and drew it down his body. He shivered at the tickle of fabric against his chest and held his breath. His cock surged with his thoughts and she had to drag it over the rounded head before the sheet slipped off.

Like most men, he wore a sleeping robe but that didn't stop her for long. Soon, her hand was sliding up his thigh, through the short dark hairs, and up to his shaft. The warm touch of her fingers caused his length jerk and bob. Suleiman hissed softly as she wrapped her fingers around his thick base and slid her hand up to explore it.

Juliana knew his cock intimately. He bought her five years ago from the slave auctions and she had been his concubine since that first night. After so many years, there was a look of wonder on her face was as familiar as she was to his cock. She reached over and kissed his lips, worshiping it with her lips.

Suleiman was proud of his manhood. It was long and thick, with a large bulbous head. It stretched out the pussies he owned and marked them as her own. Both of his large balls were covered in dark hairs and clung close to his body. Above his root, there was a scar where an assassin almost ended his line and disemboweled him, but otherwise he was at the peak of his physical fitness.

“I praise,” whispered Juliana as she tilted his cock toward her rose-painted lips, “the morning light.” She smiled as she mouthed the side of his length. The wet heat against his shaft invoked a moan from his throat and he savored it. She kissed the side and then flipped her head over to kiss the other side. Her brown hair clung to his shaft and her face as she kissed further down before alternating the side. The teasing caresses of her lips brought a tingling hardness to his length.

Soon, her cheeks and lips glistened with his precum. It oozed down his shaft and she lapped at it as she worked her tongue around the ridge of his glans. “Where does the sultan wish to spill his seed?” Her whisper was seductive and hungry.

Suleiman smiled as he considered the look she gave him. She was beautiful but ambitious. As the only one left his harem, she was his favorite but she was growing lax. The sex was fantastic, but there was no more excitement beyond physical pleasure. They were too intimate.

It was time to get a new woman for the harem.

A decision made, he crooked his finger to summon her closer.

Juliana moaned softly and let his cock slip from her mouth. The wet heat quickly cooled, but she was crawling up his body. Her skillful hands peeled open her skirt to reveal her thick bush and trim thighs. With a flip, she let the skirt slide off the bed and it rustled as it pooled on the floor.

The smell of her pussy, rich and spicy, surrounded him as she straddled his hips. She reached down to spread open her glistening lips with one hand as she fisted his cock and aimed it for her sex. With a soft gasp, she sank down onto his cock.

As the wet heat wrapped around his cock, Suleiman reached up for her breasts. Juliana lowered her own and rocked her hips as she worked her way down with a languished, sultry pace.

He caressed the embroidery of her brassiere before pushing the cups up to palm her large, full breasts. Her nipples, large and hard, caressed his fingers as he gripped down.

She obeyed the silent command and drove down, taking his cock deep into her body. At the base, she rocked her hips in a silent dance. She was a belly dancer, one of his best, and he loved how her taut stomach flexed and shifted as she expertly swirled his cock deep inside her cunt.

As she danced silently for him, his cock grew harder with every passing second. He felt the shift of her weight back and forth. His cock slid back and forth, enveloped by the hot folds of her pussy. He drank in the sight of her body and the warmth of her breasts against his palms.

He thought about his plans for the day and his cock grew harder and hotter. A moment later, he was spurting inside her, soaking her insides with his cum.

“Oh,” Juliana moaned, “my sultan.” She continued to dance but with tiny movements as not to disturb his sensitive cock. Her stomach flexed and relaxed with every surge and he could imagine her feeling every burst of cum he gave her.

When he finished, he kept her place with his hands on her breasts. “After lunch,” he started, “we are going into town.”

Juliana smiled and remained silent. It wasn't her turn to ask questions unless he wanted.

His cock surged at the thought. “We are going to the slavers. I'm looking to get two more women for my harem.”

She gasped and looked up. “Sultan? Am I not good enough for…” Her voice trailed off as she realized she spoke out of turn. Blushing hotly, she lowered her head. “Please forgive me, my sultan.”

Suleiman stared at for a long moment. Juliana was getting too complacent with her position in the harem and he wanted to see what she did. His cock grew to full height inside her, pushing aside the cum filling her pussy. She was already trembling and there were tears clinging to her eyelashes.

He took a deep breath. “I was going to bring you so you had some say, but…” he said. When her pussy clenched with fear, his cock almost exploded again. “I have no intent to show off a disobedient slave to the public.”

Juliana peeked up through her hair. She knew better. Suleiman was precise in the behavior he expected from his harem slaves. Speaking out of turn was one of the things he didn't tolerate.

“Clean me off and return to the harem.”

“Yes, my sultan.”

“And don't let any of it drip on the bed.”

A tear ran down her cheeks. She reached down and spread her fingers around his cock. Easing up, she cupped her palm over her pussy before crawling down. When her mouth was even with his slimy cock, she willingly opened her mouth and took it clear to the base.

His length rose to fill her mouth. It tickled the back of the throat. She lapped at it, cleaning the base and working her way up the entire tip of his hardness. By the time she reached his head, there were fresh tears glistening on her cheeks. She sucked on the tip, caressing it gently, and he realized she was trying to make him cum again.

Suleiman reached down and grabbed her by her hair. She whimpered as he pulled her up and forced her to look at him. “Go back to the harem now.”

His cock ached, but he wanted to be ready to try out the new slaves.

Juliana opened her mouth to say something. His cum glistened on her lips.

He stopped her with a shake. “It's too late. Go back. Now.” The last was an order.

Juliana didn't hesitate. She bowed her head, as much as he would let her with him gripping her hair. “Yes, my sultan.”

Moving with the same grace as she got on the bed, Juliana slid off and retrieved her skirt. Pulling it back around her hips, she walked down the hall toward the harem. He could tell she was trying to put on a brave face, but there was a tension in her back and ass that told him everything he needed to know.

She would do anything to remain his favorite.