Suleiman strolled into the tiled bathing area. He moved without looking around, familiar with both the layout of the rooms and still distracted by his duties to run the palace and sultanate. His slippers scuffed along the tile floor, echoing off the walls as he stepped out of the short hallway leading from his sleeping quarters.

Two slave women looked up from a stone bench where they were waiting. He caught sight of their eyes, both brown, before they lowered their gaze and rose to their feet. Droplets of water clung to their dark skin and rivulets traced the lines of their naked bodies before splashing down.

Months ago, both slaves were standing in front of him with hopes of being elevated from palace slaves to his harem. He looked over them and remembered how the sweat clung to their small breasts and wide hips. They were pleasant to look at, almost sexy, but neither could dance or sing. He was sure they could fuck, but Suleiman always sought the ideal woman and neither were close to his needs.

On most days, he would have ordered their execution for even trying, but something stayed his hand. Now, they served him as his slaves in the bathroom though he didn't fuck them or even acknowledge their existence. They were there to serve and nothing else.

Neither realized how close they were to death until a few weeks later when another woman offered her body to become his harem. His cock twitched as he remembered how he had the bathtub drained just so he could cut her throat. He came in her as the arterial spray splattered the walls and ceiling. It was the first and last time he fucked that poor woman and the memory still brought his cock to full hardness.

One slave, the younger one, sank to her knees in front of him. Her knees made a soft thud noise as she settled into place. She kept her eyes down as she ran her thumb along his robe and opened it up. His cock, half hard, continued to grow in front of her, but she made no effort to take it in her mouth or touch the swollen member rising in front of her. She knew as well as he did, that the only time his cock would enter her was the day she died.

The other slave circled around him and used her soft hands to push his robe off his shoulders. It slipped down his arms and she caught it before it hit the ground. Her breasts brushed against his back, the nipples hard, and she lowered herself to fold the robe over her arm before stepping back.

Suleiman stepped around the kneeling slave and headed for the water. The tub was large enough for six women and himself. The white tiles were bright and glistening, without even a hint of the countless women who ended their lives inside it. His cock grew to full mast as he sank into the tub.

Leaning back on a padded pillow, he let his body float in the water and closed his eyes. Celeste would be coming up soon and he was anxious to try out his new slave. He brought up the memory of her large breasts and the way she danced in the slaver's room. He couldn't wait to grab her breasts and sink his cock deep into her cunt to claim his purchase.

Normally, she would already be there and waiting. But, he knew that Juliana would still be telling her and Lydia about their new life in the harem. About Suleiman's preferences for deep blow jobs, or the obedience he demanded. He could live with an hour of not fucking Celeste if it made the rest of her life pleasant.

He reached down and grabbed his hardness. It was hot in his hand. He stroked it slowly, tilting it back and forth just to enjoy the sensations. Around him, the perfumed water rippled from his movements and he let his mind relax from a day of frustrating politics.

Lydia was going to be a problem. The crying in the garden was an insult to him and he saw her fighting back the tears more than once. Sooner or later, she was going to humiliate him in front of guests and he would have to do something.

A smile curled the corner of his lip. Suleiman let his legs float in the water, stretching out. With one hand, he stroked his cock with his thumb. It pulsed in his palm, the thick veins pressing against his palm and fingertips as he ran from base to tip.

She would be the first girl to die. His cock grew harder in his palm as he thought about the thousand ways he could end her life. Each one was bloodier than the one before it and each brought a fresh surge of heat from his length. He thought about cutting off her breasts or legs, just to watch the horror on her face. He could hang her by a hook in her pussy and let her weight rip open her womb. Suleiman imagined the look on her face, the horror and pain, and his body grew more excited with every passing second.

The clink of a coin scarf caught his attention. He drew his thoughts away from Lydia's execution to focus on the sound. A moment later, her perfume drifted past him and he smiled with approval. It was a flowery scent that used to belong to a slave who met her end at the bottom of the pond, with rocks shoved into every orifice to hold her underwater.

“Evening, my sultan.” Celeste's voice was soft and demure.

His cock pulsed in his hand at the sound.

Suleiman tilted back and looked at her. Celeste had chosen a bright yellow outfit. She had a long, sheer skirt with coins sewn along her hips and thighs. Her top cradled her large breasts and invited his gaze to drown in the deep cleavage. Her brown hair was loose down her back in a thick mane with a few strands that hung artfully over her shoulder.

He smiled as he tilted further up to admire her taut belly and trim legs. Her left slid out of the seam of her skirt, revealing the dark shadows between her legs and the swell of her sex.

Celeste smiled and rocked her hips to the side, causing the skirt to spread open further. He could see the thin mat of pubic hair covering her nether lips; it looked like she was already damp with excitement. “Do I meet your expectations?”

“So far.”

She lowered her head but her eyes never left him. There was something heated in her gaze and he ached to drive his cock into her pouting lips. “How may I serve my sultan?”

He sat up and slapped the water in front of him.

Like a well-trained slave, she moved at his wordless command. He watched as she stepped over to the step into the bathtub. For a moment, she hesitated as she tugged on her skirt, but Suleiman pointed to the water. Without a second hesitation, she stepped into the water and sank down.

Her skirt fluttered out along the water in a yellow cloud. He watched as her legs were revealed in the swirling fabric. With a playful hike of her hip, she sank down. The clinking coins silenced as they were submerged.

She lowered herself until the water lapped at her belly button. She was on her knees in the water. With a soft giggle, she crawled over to him and straddled his hips. As she moved, her skirt pulled open and he lowered his gaze down to the junction of her legs.

At the sight of the dark patch of hair between her legs, his cock surged to full height. It aimed straight for her sex and he could feel his pulse aching long his length. Suleiman wanted to drive up into her, burying in the wet heat of her cunt, but he forced himself to remain still.

“My sultan,” Celeste whispered. With one delicate hand, she wrapped her fingers around his cock and brought it to her labia. Rocking the tip back and forth, she guided him past her hot folds and to the wet opening. “How do you want to take me?”

Suleiman smiled broadly. Celeste knew her place in the harem. He pointed down.

Celeste tightened her belly and lowered herself down. The tip of his cock delved into the tight channel. Leaning to the side, she swirled his length inside her pussy. “You're large,” she gasped. With a moan, she sank down further, taking more of him into her.

Suleiman stretched his arms along the side of the tub and concentrated on his slave. The newness of her sex was intoxicating and he wanted to remember every inch of the first time he entered her.

She drew her fingers up her side to catch the bottom of her top. Her body continued to slid down his cock, the heat squeezing down, but she kept her bra in place as it looked like she was falling out of it. The large breasts swelled from the bottom, heavy and soft. And then, just as her pubic hair caressed his balls, her tits slipped out and slapped against her chest.

Her breasts were as beautiful as he hoped. Large and heavy, tipped with thick nipples that begged to be sucked. The aureole around the tips were wrinkled with her excitement.

Suleiman reached out and wrapped one arm around the small of her back. Breathing deeply, he pulled her close until he could wrap his lips around one hard nipple and suck on it.

Her pussy clamped down on his cock as she tossed her top to the side. With a smile on her lips, she draped her arm around his neck and held him close as she rocked her hips. Her trim thighs flexed with her movements and he felt his cock levering around the wet, clenching depths of her cunt.

He rested his other hand on her hip, holding her down as he pushed up. His teeth caught the ridge of her nipple and he bit down, but not enough to break flesh.

Celeste's body tightened suddenly and a soft cry almost escaped her throat. He glanced up to see a look of fear in her eyes. Juliana had obviously told her the consequences of crying out too loudly during sex.

Suleiman released her breast and moved to the other. The water splashed around them and he mouthed the soft skin. At the same time, he began to thrust up into her, burying his length into her sex before drawing out. The contrast of hot water and her searing insides was intoxicating. He thrust harder, driving into her.

Celeste was caught in his grip, both helpless and seductive at the same time. She writhed in his grip, smothering him with her breasts and tightening the channel of her sex until he struggled to drive into her liquid heat.

The bathroom was filled with the slurps of water and their moans. With every thrust, the smell of sex and perfume surrounded them. As he relaxed, she slid back down his cock until he was fully seated into her sex.

“You're mine,” he grunted with a thrust that lifted her completely off the bottom of the tub. The tip of his cock bumped against the entrance of her womanhood and a sudden realization slammed into him. He allowed no bastard children in the harem; any woman who made a mistake of being burden with child was executed. But, neither Celeste or Lydia had been in the harem long enough for the drugs in their food to prevent pregnancy. If he came inside her right then, there was a chance it would take hold and he would be forced to kill her.

He bit his lip as he drove in harder, striving to ram his cock against her entrance. The idea of killing her brought a surge of heat and excitement through his veins. He drove up in rhythm with his heartbeat, frantic and pounding. His imagination fueled his intensity as he imagined holding her down as he cut her womb from her body.

With a loud groan, he came. It was hot and hard, a day of anticipation exploding from his body. Jets of cum shot against her womb, putting her life in further danger with every pulse of excitement.

Celeste cried out a few seconds later. Her pussy clamped down around his cock, milking it and pulling more of his cum from his length. The idea that she was killing herself kept him hard and he gave a few, brutal thrusts before slumping down into the water.

Panting softly, Celeste pushed her long hair from her face. Droplets of sweat and humidity ran down her face. A droplet clung to her nipple where the dent from his teeth was still visible. She gave him a seductive smile as her weight settled down on his cock. “Do I please my sultan?”

Suleiman looked up into her eyes and saw confidence and poise. She was a well-trained slave and knew how to please a man. There was also arrogance in her gaze, just like Juliana. He knew that she was hoping that her life would consisted of nothing other than dancing, looking pretty, and dancing.

He had higher expectations than that. He let a smile cross his face. “So far,” he said simply.

There was a brief moment as her confidence cracked. And then she bowed her head and squeezed down on his cock. “How may I continue to serve my sultan?”

“Clean me off.”

Celeste slipped off his member. The rush of hot liquid around his shaft felt like being dipped in ice. She slipped down, her knees caressing his knees and then his shins. Her eyes scanned the bathing room, no doubt looking for a wash cloth.

“With your mouth.”

“Of course.” Her lips curled into a smile. She backed up further as if she was giving him room to stand up.

Suleiman had no intent of doing either. His smile grew wider as he pointed to his cock. “Clean me, now,” he ordered.

“If my sultan—”

He reached over and grabbed her nipple between the side of his finger and his thumb. Twisting it hard, he pulled and she stumbled as she crawled forward. “I didn't say tell me what to do.” He kept his voice low and in a growl.

Fear flashed across her face as she stared at him. Her lower lip trembled and he cold feel her body vibrating as she realized what he was saying.

“Lick my cock clean, slave. Or I will kill you right here and now.”

She glanced down. His hips were a foot and a half under water. There was no way she could clean him without the risk of drowning. When she looked up again, her eyes were wide with fright.

Suleiman's impatience grew quickly. When she didn't respond fast enough, he reached out and grabbed her hair with his other hand. She was trained enough not to flinch, but he dragged her closer.

Celeste had to crawl forward until her thighs brushed his knees.

“I said: clean me off. Now!”

Without waiting for her response, he grabbed her head with both hands and shoved her face-first into the water. Celeste kicked out as she slipped along the bottom, but a heartbeat later, her breasts were grinding against his thighs and her chin bumped against his belly.

Grunting, he aimed her head over his cock. Bubbles streamed out through the fan of her hair, popping gently as she kicked out in desperation. He felt her lips near his aching cock and shoved down. Her teeth scraped his head, but then she opened her mouth with a surge of bubbles rising to the surface.

Suleiman shoved her head down on his cock, forcing her lips clear to the base. His cock squeezed into the tight confines of her throat but he kept shoving down until it slipped further back and the bubbles stopped rising through her hair.

He grunted and shoved her down again, fucking her face while watching her legs kick out and her ass surface and submerge.

Celeste suddenly gripped his hips and bobbed down. Her tongue lapped at his cock, working in the small space between his cock and the bottom of her mouth. Her body stopped thrashing as she started to lap harder, lifting her head and pushing down.

He relaxed his grip and gave her a little more room to bob up and down on his length. His cock, achingly hard, continued to block her throat. He enjoyed the heated pressure and the caresses of her breasts and stomach against his legs.

Celeste's hair fanned out in the water, spreading out in a cloak of dark brown. Her skirt, laden by the coins sewn into it, spread out along the bottom of the tub, giving a contrast of brown and yellow.

Knowing that she was suffocating on his cock brought a fresh excitement burning inside his balls. Suleiman gripped her head tighter as he fucked her face. Tiny bubbles rose up from the impact and her body spasmed when water poured into her lugs, but he keep driving forward.

It only took a few seconds, but soon he was coming again. He rammed himself deep into her mouth, scraping his length on her teeth before pumping a few hard jets of cum directly into her belly. He groaned with each thrust, gasping with the intensity of fucking a drowning woman.

A large bubble surfaced.

Suleiman released her body and watched as she rose to the surface. One hand brushed against his chest before she planted it on the bottom of the tub. Her head crested and she let in a desperate gasp of air. And then began to cough violently to the side.

He watched for a moment, then pushed her aside. Standing up, he looked down at his cock for any signs of her pussy or his cum still on it. It was glistening and clean from balls to tip. The only sign that he had just cum was the dark angry length that still bobbed in time with his pulse.

Pleased, he stepped out of the tub and looked down at Celeste who was struggling to eject the water from her lungs. “When you finish, come to the bedroom. You obviously need more training.”