It's easy to pick on the outsider in school, they have no one to help them shoulder the burden of being pelted with food during lunch hour or having a clique of the rich and beautiful decide to reenact the movie Carrie during the school dance.

But, things take a turn for the worse when Cara ends up having more in common with Carrie than anyone ever suspected. One terrible prank turns into a flight of terror as the pranksters find themselves trapped in a school with more than just a terrified girl, but a portal to a demonic world bent to pulling them in.


Chapter 1: A Great Idea

Emily and her friends were the pretty girls in the school and everyone knew it. The star of the track and field team, she had the best friends a girl could have. And there was no better bonding than teasing the school's outcast, Cara.

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  • 2021-11-28

Chapter 2: Hurry Home

Humiliated and sobbing, Cara raced home to shower and get the food and gunk out of her clothes. But, even a shower isn't enough by itself, she needed something to distract herself, a little pleasure to burnish away the memory.

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Chapter 3: Pathetic Worm

After mocking Cara, Laci found herself an itch that couldn't be sated by fingering herself or just sex. She needed to find someone to humiliate, to dominate, to break.

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Chapter 4: Sloppy Holes

Grace heads over to Noah's for a romantic dinner, though they would probably be enjoying desert long before they started on the steaks and potatoes.

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Chapter 5: Sigils

Cara comes home to find her mother furious about Cara burning incense. But Cara didn't burn incense when she came home, she had masturbated. But the burn marks were there, but when she touched it, something strange happened.

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Chapter 6: Sharp Passions

Mia is enjoying class for once because it is the one thing she wanted to always experience, dissection and being able to cut open a body. But, her passions grow too strong and she has to excuse herself to handle the irresistible lust that rose up with slicing into a body.

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Chapter 7: Dinner Service

Jenna is caught sneaking food into a restaurant. As a punishment, Ava decided to make her crawl under the table but the rich blonde has no intent on making it easy for Jenna to get out.

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