This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!

Ratings are low for the one of the most popular daytime shock show but Perry Singer has a great idea for getting his readers back. All he needs is eight beautiful woman willing to die on public television for his audience. If he can’t find them, hypnosis would work just as well.

# Chapter Summary
1 Introduction Perry Singer was one of the first of the daytime talking show. It quickly descended into trash that kept eyes glued to the screens and advertisers happy. But, as competing shows start to eat into the ratings, Perry has an idea of how to cement the show in history forever.
2 The Other Ladies Perry introduces the other six porn stars that were going to perform the audience.
3 Kristina Mocova The first slaughter starts with a classic, an old man with an ax enjoying Kristina. What will she lose before the end?
4 Michaela Giovanni For what was supposed to be a simple debreasting and gutting turned into something more when Michaela's executioner ends up being a talented older woman with a flair for the knife.
5 Katarina Kika One of the more complicated snuffs, Katarina's fate will be in an ancient electric chair.
6 Ann Jury Ann's fate involves audience participation. A hundred swords all perfect for impaling her helpless body.
7 Veronica Vagnozzi The crew set up a massive circular saw in the stage for their next beautiful victim, Veronica.
8 Mercedes Carretero The next victim's fate is another technical one, this time a giant meat grinder for Mercedes.
9 Bailey Love It's Baily's turn on the stage. Her end is pretty simple, spitting upright and gutted by a loving couple from the audience.
10 Tara Crane The speaker for the final group, Tara is the last to be snuffed on television. Her final fate is a first for many, including having a woman gutted through her anus.
11 Ratings A week after the show, Perry is relieved that he still has a job but is anxious to see the rating. Will snuffing eight women on TV bring him to the top?