Emma groaned as she rolled over in her bed. The squish of her stomach caught under her weight and she had to suck in her gut to pull free before letting it roll over the edge of her blankets. The warm embrace of the mounded comforters to one side cradled her belly and thigh; she nestled into place with a smile. One hand reached up to cup her breast and let the pendulous weight rest in her palm.

It was bad night, both for her thoughts and her ever-present body issues. Her legs still burned from her attempt on the treadmill at the gym earlier in the evening. She had struggled for over twenty minutes until she heard the hard bodies around the free weights whispering and laughing. When she looked up in the mirror, she saw two of them pointedly staring at her in the mirrors. She had stumbled and hurt something in the process. When she couldn't keep running without limping, she gave up in defeat and fled to laughter.

In the dark, tears burned in her eyes. She knew she was fat but she was trying. It was more than most did. Three days a week, she went to the gym after work to shower off the musty smell of the old school bus before going out on the floor. Normally, she went to the “women's area” that didn't have as much pressure, but that was currently under renovation and she was forced out into the open.

She also knew that if she didn't go for the two weeks it took for them to fix that area, it would be that much harder to resume when it did. Everything was a struggle at the moment, from the sweltering job of getting kids into their seats with only a few days left before summer, to the empty apartment every night. Not going to the gym would just make it worse.

Emma sighed and rolled over, hiking her other leg over the mound of blankets and enjoying the cool air that tickled her skin. The wind from the fan blew up her leg like a lover to pause at her sex before the oscillation drew it back down.

She smiled to herself and spread her legs further apart. She was also horny. It had been two years since she had a dick driving into her. Her last boyfriend, Greg, had a fat girl fetish and a large dick to reach deep to all of the best places. He loved to spread her wide open until her ankles were above her head, and then plow into her with reckless abandon. The clap of his balls against her skin and the feeling of him driving deep always brought waves of orgasms crashing into her.

Reaching down, she palmed her sex briefly. Feeling the wind rising up again, she spread her hairy lips apart for the next brush of the wind from the fan. As soon as it passed, she rubbed two fingers along her slit until her fingertips grew slick. The pleasure grew and she hiked her leg further up along the blankets to imagine his hands holding her obscenely apart. Then she slid her two fingers into her hole and pumped.

Her mind flashed back to the hard bodies in the gym. This time, she thought about the looks she stole herself in the mirror, at their tight shorts and obvious bulges. If she ignored them being assholes, they were all beautiful compared to her. They have curves in the right places, pectorals that stood up, nipples begging to be sucked on, and bodies that would feel like silk-covered steel if she ever had the courage to grab them. She wanted to touch and stroke every inch, to feel their hard muscles pressed up against her as they fucked her harder than she thought possible.

Her fingers squelched as she picked up her pace. One of the gym rats always caught her attention, a thick-barrel man with a short beard and a roundish nose. They had gone for the water cooler at the same time and she noticed that his hands were huge, large enough to cup her breast and squeeze down hard. She had jilled herself on the idea of him mauling her tits while plowing his obviously large cock into her furrow until she screamed out in orgasm.

The moisture grew as did her pleasure. She fingered faster as she tried to bring up the image of his cock. She hoped he was long, at least eight inches of thick flesh. He needed that much to push past her padding of her puffy lips and thighs, but then it would feel so good driving into her cunt with hard, relentless strokes.

Emma bit down on her pillow as she came. It was a quick flash of pleasure, a hint of something more. She adjusted herself and spread her legs wide, hiding her hips up as she reached down around her squish to drive fingers from both hands into her sticky sex.

Then the alarm went off.

She looked up as she let out a shuddering breath. “Fuck.”