Valia is a corporate enforcer for the Travin Corporation. A gig worker, her job is to hunt down those who try to leave the company and either convince them to remained employed or ensure they never let trade secrets ever escape.

To make sure she succeeds, her arms and legs had been replaced with cybernetic versions that were faster, stronger, and filled with lethal systems.

But what starts as a quick job ends up being more than she ever expected.


Chapter 1: Budget Woes

Valia was bored and broke. There is nothing to do until she can scare up another job. Without being able to pay for entertainment, she goes to the one thing that is always free: playing with herself.

  • F-solo
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  • 5 minutes

Chapter 2: Home Invasion

Hours later, Valia has tracked down the mark for her job, a hacker named Jalen. He is holed up on a houseboat on an acid lake. It looks like to be a perfect opportunity to jump in, torture or kill him, and then collect her payment.

  • MF rp oral bond
  • MF oral bond rim
  • MF cons bond
  • Chapter
  • 6,609
  • 25 minutes

Chapter 3: Another Job

Ghosted by Travin Corporation, Valia is reaching the end of her limits. She has no money to pay off her loan, no job in the future, nor does she have any hope besides grabbing one last beer before she loses control of her limbs forever.

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