Eliza and the Raptor
This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!

The only crime Third Lieutenant Eliza committed was stealing a few precious minutes of her patrol to pleasure herself. On the FCM Quantor Generation Ship, where reproduction occurred in test tubes and an active libido was a crime, she was found guilty of treason. Her superior officer sentenced her to a life of hard labor in the mines with a threat of execution if she touched herself even once more.

In the midst of her personal hell, salvation came when they pulled her from the depths of the asteroid ship and assigned her to aid the newly encountered sentient dinosaurs and their massive fleet of war ships. Unspoken was the hopes that she would die while spying and the FCM would use her death to steal the fleet’s technology.

No one could expect that Fleet Master Kraken would see something else in the former prisoner. She not only appealed to his joy of Machiavellian plots, but also to his more primal lusts. And Kraken wasn’t opposed to exploring beyond his own species and satisfying his own curiosity of what humans did when they stole a few moments of pleasure.

Eliza and the Raptor is a sci-fi set in a rich universe of pulp science, intellectual eroticism, and hope that there is always a chance to discover love.