Unpleasant Diversion

For the last few years, Dina was getting ready for a century-long trip that would ensure she and her new husband would have a rich life on a planet far away.

The FCM Dilafin 3 was a long-distance ship powered by the gravity well produced by a singularity. Incapable of traveling faster-than-light (FTL), it would streak toward Dina’s new home while firing beacons which was used by the FTL system that spread out from the center of civilization.

By the time they reached their home, they would have a steady connection with the rest of civilization, a share of every ship using the beacons they laid out, and centuries of interest in their bank accounts. It would be a good life, a rich life. Perfect for the newlywed couple ready to start their new lives.

Except, the ship never made it. Pirates from another civilization hijack the ship on their way for their own adventures. With nothing else to do, they decide to use the thousands of people in stasis pods as a pleasant diversion to pass the time.

For Dina, her remaining time would decidedly be unpleasant. More so when they finish surgically altering her body to be the perfect receptacle for their other desires besides violent death and games of chance, a way of passing time as a victim of the pirate’s lust.

For years, Dina has been planing a century-long trip across the galaxy to build up her fortunes and start a family. The first step along the way is to marry her love of three years, Korin.

After days of edging and orgasm denial, the passions of the two newlyweds finally breaks. It had been a long day but they needed to come and hard.

To get ready for her trip, Dina has to be put into a firm suit and prepared for the stasis pod. It was difficult with her aching for an orgasm from her night before. Of course, a good nurse might be willing to help her relieve her itch.

Dina wakes up in her stasis pod a hundred years too early and with a poisonous atmosphere indicator flashing on her screen. What happened to the ship? Why is she awake?

To her horror, the creature that opened her pod wasn't even human. She didn't know what it wanted but it was willing to cut her out of the tubes that pinned her in place and draw her to some unknown fate.

Dina never expected to see the other passengers and crew slaughtered, but there was no escaping it as the creature dragged her to a place she knew she couldn't survive.

Caught in the prison cell, Dina is forced to face her fate, she is going to be raped and murdered by the creatures who hijacked the ship. Her only companion, the nurse that teased her, was her only comfort but how much could the blonde give when they were both going to die soon?

Dina and Melodi's brief moment of pleasure ended brutally when Lumme comes for Melodi.

Numbed by the murder of her friend, Dina couldn't do anything but watch as the aliens cleaned up the mess left by Lumme. She was helpless and afraid, and more than terrified that it would be her turn next.

Right before the night cycle, Lumme came back. This time, it wasn't for Dina but for one of the other women in the cells. As she was taken off to be raped to death, Harmmon had some interesting surprises for Dina.

Dina can't sleep and the horrors of Melodi's death continued to haunt her. Desperate to free herself from the despair of her own fate, she tries to find some memory of her friend that didn't have to do with sex or death. Failing that, she only had one thing left to remember the joy.

When Harmmon and Naam return the next day, they were wearing aprons and hurrying to prepare something that could only be one thing. It was the day they were going to turn Dina into a fuck toy for the murderous Lumme.

After her surgery, Dina is left alone to recover. The aliens made no effort to help her pain and she is consumed by agony and dark thoughts.

As Dina struggles the pain of being involuntarily altered to handle the alien's cocks, Harmmon surprises her with an unexpected present: video of Korin, Dina's husband.

A few days later, Dina still misses her new husband after watching him on videos but she is healed enough for a little pleasure as she fantasizes about being rescued.

Watching her husband brought Dina a little joy. But that is short-lived with Harmmon and Naam come in with an argument. She doesn't know the words of their fight but she does know what will happen when Naam releases the atmospheric seals on her prison cell.

Dina is finally ready for the one thing she dreaded, Lumme's rape. Would she be slaughtered on his cock? Would she survive? How much agony would she experience?

Dina is in agony after being raped by the barbed cock. But even as she is morbidly touching her ruined pussy, she can't stop trying to find a small amount of pleasure to make her nightmare fade.

Recovering from her injuries, Dina slowly educated herself about the aliens who kidnapped and raped her. As she does, the aliens come back to prepare the next woman for her torture.

Now that the aliens had found a way of making the sex slaves, the other women in the cell were prepared for their own torturous rape. Dina, now the Patient Zero, is hated by others and could find no comfort in the other women. So she retreated to the only solace she had, watching her husband's fighting videos.

Alone in the dark, Dina is forced to relive the memories of her husband's death.

Lost in the sorrow of losing her husband and hearing the tortures around her, Dina tried to pass the time in desperation. However, she has a visitor that makes that impossible.

For all the hope seeing her husband gave her, Dina's nightmare wasn't over. Naam, in a quiet moment, decided to enjoy her body for himself.

Fear turns to hatred as Dina finally has hope to drive her. She spends her nights awake planning.

Lumme came for her the next day. He was going to sell her to another alien, just as Naam threatened. Before he did, however, he had one more stop to make.

After showing Dina the fate of the rest of the humans, Lumme drags her toward the hangers and her fate, to be sold as a slave to the one alien who terrified her the most, Kriim.

Dina wakes up after passing out on the control. But what will remain of her fate: death, prisoner, or freedom?