As we come up to the middle of the month, I managed to get another batch of Puppy Mill 2. This one consists of chapters 78-84 and about 12k words. I also did significant amount of work on 76 and 77, mainly because I wasn't “feeling it.” If you want to read, I highly recommend you start at chapter 76.

As we last left our favorite amputee girl, Merrie had been kidnapped Trien, one of the prisoners at Abbinkey Prison, who had plans to take her back to the junk yard and rape her.

She couldn't fight because of the sunlight but she wasn't expecting the sheer brutality or forward planning he had to keep her bound as his personal cum dumpster. She would find out soon enough, not to mention how far Trien would go with her body.

As usual, my patrons can read all of the chapters now. For everyone else, they will be doled out one week at a time like I've done for a while.

Thank you so very much for reading.