Puppy Mill 2: From the Shadows

Merrie’s collar was deceptively simple. A single black ring wrapped around her neck. It had no latch or opening, the solid metal was only marred by a ring melted into one end and a pair of fingerprints when a goddess tried to strangle her. For all of its simplicity, it was one of the most powerful artifacts in the world.

Crafted from a warlord’s rage, it gave her incredible powers capable of laying waste to battlefields, regenerating from any injury, and even bringing her back from the dead. Coupled with the alpha’s natural ability to enhance her master’s powers to nearly limitless lengths, it would make her the ultimate weapon and companion.

The only thing that could stop Merrie and her collar was a god. In specific, Lemetri, a goddess of light and justice. When Merrie battled Lemetri to save Bass—the thriban who had kidnapped, raped, and amputated Merrie—it ended in the deaths of both bitch and goddess.

Only one would survive oblivion.

Only one would rise out of the shadows.

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Merrie regains consciousness a year after she was killed. She slowly learns how to move her body again as she races against the one thing that would kill her: light.

After being burned alive endlessly, Merrie works to create a shelter against the light. However, she is running out of time as the rot from her shadow kills the trees and plants around her, stripping way the protection against the sunlight.

Merrie realized that she couldn't keep holding her body together with only her mind. She needed something that would help her retain her physical form but the only thing she could imagine was Kine's familiar rhythm: a triple beat and silence.

As Merrie tries to recover, three men approach talking about Lemetri, the goddess who killed Merrie.

Merrie wakes up inside Eolis' wagon. This time, her body is solid enough that she no longer has to keep herself together with only her willpower. She was given a chance to relax but Borias had another suggestion of how to help with her recover.

After a year of oblivion, Merrie has finally returned to the mill. She still can't handle light or injury but she is surrounded by those who would protect her, at least for the night.

Merrie wakes up next to Borias hungry for the one thing bitches and alphas need: sex. Borias is willing to give it to her though every touch was still agony for her new body.

Merrie wakes up next to Borias as he dreamed of blow jobs and pretty bitches drinking his piss. Wanting to please him, she willingly faced the pain of touching him to give him exactly what he wanted.

Trapped in the basement, Merrie was unable to see anywhere that had light. But as she played with herself, she found that her vision was a fluid thing, capable of sliding away from her body and into a different extension of her mind, her cloak.

While exploring the house, Merrie encounters a spell that keeps her from reentering a room. It doesn't take her long to realize that there is someone else ath the mill besides her and Borias, someone trying to remain hidden.

Unsure if she is being watched, Merrie keeps her shade spell up as she tries to find whatever spell the intruder had left behind.

Together, Borias and Merrie try to identify the powers in the trap but it is difficult. But then Merrie makes a discovery about the source of one of the spells.

Merrie and Borias were running out of time. Bass and the others would return to the mill soon and they hadn't found out anything about the trap the invisible person left behind. Will they find out in time or will the rest of the mill walk into a trap?

Merrie flees into the shadow land looking for something that would help turn the tide of the battle. What she didn't expect to find was the Lord of Shadows waiting for her, with a promise of to help in exchange for a terrible price.

After recovering from the shadow creature gang bang, Merrie is prepared to join the battle. But the paladins and priests with the bell were her first enemy, they threatened to destroy what she had just created.

Jace, a paladin of Galladin, a god of light. He is a powerful opponent for Merrie and neither knew who would win a fight. But after Merrie destroyed the holy bell, thre was no question she would fight Jace sooner than later.

Grievously injured with her battle with Jace, Merrie had to take a moment to catch her breath and heal.

It was time to join the battle. Merrie surges forward, ready to slaughter anyone who attacked the mill. But, how far would she be willing to go to save Bass and the others? Would she risk another bond if it meant a few hours of freedom?

The trap was sprung and the infernal spiders were swarming to kill everyone in the mill house. Merrie didn't know how to defend against them but the two helpless girls were more important than anything else.

As soon as Merrie fell, the spiders were on her, attacking her with brutal efficiency.

After fleeing into the shadows, Merrie was still choking to death. But the shadow kin have a way of saving her.

Flush with her orgasm, Merrie is ready to join the battle once again. This time she can bring help, the creatures of the shadow that rescued her from her own attackers.

Merrie recovers to find that the bodies of the shadows had protected her against Sable's holy strike but now she was trapped in a burning basement.

Trapped inside a barrel with only her magic to protect her, Merrie is lost in a world of desperately trying to save herself and the fight to fall asleep and let oblivion take her.

Merrie wakes up alive but still trapped inside the barrel with no energy or power. She fights with her need to have an orgasm to recover her energies or the need to rush to save her friends. But the answer came from the most unexpected of places.

Merrie had to save her friends but she had very little resources to take on an army by herself. When she finally has a chance to see her opponents, she realizes she can only save half of them. But which friends needed her most?

Merrie is lost in agony, unable to move her body or gather her thoughts to figure out where she is.

Merrie's struggles weren't over. Despite surviving the despair of losing yet another master, she woke up in danger. With a drunken druid on her chest choking her out and later trying to kill her, how could Merrie defend herself? She couldn't attack a friend and ally, could she?

Merrie's wakes up between Bass and Sable. It quickly becomes a pleasurable waking as both master and bitch seek to pleasure her.

For all the joy and pleasure of being with Bass again, Merrie can't escape her obligations. She has to leave the comfortable spot sandwiched between Bass and Sable for a mysterious meeting with the count.

After getting clean and ready for her audience with the count, Merrie is attacked by the last person she expected in the hallway. Despite her skills, her opponent is very skilled and protected beyond just magic.

Captured after her attack with the infernal, Merrie is forced to wait for justice. But when one accusation has been resolved, another far more serious one is leveled against her. She has to choose between two decisions, neither will save Merrie completely.

Stuck in a prison cell, Merrie struggles with her decision not to close the portal to the Shadows. She doesn't understand how she could have doomed thousands of people with the geas that prevented her from doing so.

After waking up from her dreadful experiment, Merrie realizes that the geas still has a cruel grip on her thoughts. As she is dealing with the repercussions of her promise, she has two visitors.

Merrie is woken up by Claston and Natis. The two offer her one last chance to close the portal. She has one last chance to avoid the treason charge.

Forced back to Franome City, Merrie returns to her abandoned home in the former Shadowed District. A year without maintenance and with the influence of the corrupting influence from the Shadow, the house is in dire need of some repair.

After ensuring she had no interruption, Merrie caught a few hours of sleep but something interrupted her. Three intruders easily penetrated her defenses and were approach. She was being attacked.

Merrie and Kirin have a chance to talk about all the adventures Merrie had been on since she left. In private, Merrie gets a chance to discuss her options with both the guild and her court visit.

Merrie wakes up content and sated. Her violent fucking had filled her with hope and energy. Unfortunately, Monk has brought bad news when he visits her home.

Merrie presents herself for her trial for treason, but encounters a problem when she is forced to crawl into the light to do so.

While waiting for her trial, Merrie is locked into a pitch-black cell with nothing more than a gregarious guard.

Merrie and Autiur pass the time teaching each other a few lessons.

Merrie is brought before the Royal Court for her treason trial.

Merrie's treason trial continues, wearing down on her reserves as five judges probe every aspect of her life and the circumstances that lead to her summoning the shadow land.

Udin takes Merrie back to her cell, but his callous way turned brutal as he beats her for getting off on his abuse.

Udin tries to find anyone willing to destroy Merrie's collar.

Udin finally gives up trying to get the collar removed from Merrie. Annoyed and angry, he drags her to the mages who can put a geas on her and forever seal her away from her magic.

In the single moment as she was torn apart, Merrie found herself lost in time with a god of death waiting for her. But something more was about to happen, something that would plunge her into a world of horror and despair.

Surrounded by reapers, Merrie could do nothing but wait until the reason they had gathered. It wouldn't take long before she finds herself in a high-stakes deal between forces far beyond her ken.

Waking up from the memories of Sama's death, Merrie is given only a single chance to save the city from destruction. It couldn't be her but she had to choose. Who would be the one person to die for everyone else?

One more moment with the Goddess of Oaths, a private conversation where Merrie is given a choice of what to do with the rest of her life. Would she accept freedom or continue her submission?

After being found at the bottom of the crater and as promised by the Goddess of Oaths, Merrie is thrown back into jail to await her transfer to Abbinkey Prison. Sure that she has no more magic, a pair of guards decided to take advantage of her apparent helplessness.

Merrie struggles with the knowledge that she can chose to use her powers or not. It is hypothetical until she notices an attempt by one of the Whore's Guild members to save her. Will she accept the possibility of freedom or pretend that she still has no powers and cannot save herself.

Morning comes with fresh miseries as Merrie is brought to the transfer wagon. Naturally, Dornen and Hore take more opportunities to torture her before they join her for the week-long journey to the prison.

Merrie meets with the five other prisoners in her wagon, finding out who is going to be joining her for the ten day trip to the prison.

On the first night, Merrie is pulled aside for special attention by the guards: a gang-rape that leaves her strapped to a stump.

Much to her horror, Merrie is left out all night on the stump. When morning comes, she has no shelter to protect her from the burning light. At least not until her screams wake up everyone.

Unable to handle the sun, Merrie is abandoned in the wagon while the rest of the prisoners have a chance to stretch their legs, go the bathroom, and eat. There is only one thing left a naked puppy girl could do while waiting.

After the previous night's rape, the captain of the guards has her sights set on Merrie's attention for the night.

In the endless hours of travel, the other prisoners ask Merrie some questions. However it is one of the questions that seemed a bit off, as was the response.

Dismayed by the guard choosing to ignore Razor's need for a bathroom, Merrie offers a helping mouth to help.

After another night of being fucked, Merrie is deposited in the same cell as Ston, a man convicted of murdering his daughter and employees. Would Merrie's affection open the floodgate of romance or just a confession of guilt?

A late-night encounter leaves Merrie gasping for breath as she is fucked from behind.

The questioning in the wagon continues but this time Merrie is watching for signs that one of the prisoners isn't who they say they are.

Merrie has a private conversation from someone who was charged to kill her at the most opportune time.

To her surprise, the impromptu prayer brings someone to address the deal made between the gods. At the same time, it introduces a new threat for her to worry about.

Merrie struggles with Parn's request. She doesn't understand what the goddess is looking for, the answer seems too simply to be right.

Finally at Abbinkey Prison, Merrie quickly finds herself set on fire from sunlight before being shuffled to a private place for a more in-depth investigation.

The commander of the prison finally has a chance to inspect Merrie to figure out how to handle her at the prison. Neither he nor her like the answers they find.

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