For this month's submission, my patrons requested something a little new. In the poll for the $5/month subscribers, the top winners were:

  • Consensual
  • Violent
  • Cannibal or Vore
  • Cannibal Twilight (a setting)
  • Trap

Well, there were a few others, but those are the ones I decided to focus on for On the Town, a short story set in my Cannibal Twilight setting.

Cannibal Twilight is a low-key sci-fi setting set in the “near future.” It has much of the same things we have today but the biggest difference is a stark dystopia between the ultra-rich and everyone else where the currencies mark the line that separates the two.

On the poor side, you have the United State dollar which has been inflicted with so much inflation that your basic cheap cheeseburger costs a thousand dollars. Life sucks, but at least you have cheap apps, empty entertainment, and a constant fear of being slaughtered by the rich who treat humanity as nothing more than private hunting grounds.

On the rich side, the dollar amounts are so obscene they can't be expressed in trillions. They also have a second currency called wergild or blood money. A single wergild is worth the life of a person. Hand it over and you own them, to enslave or snuff for whatever you desire.

In a perfect world, the family get gets the snuffed victim could use the wergild from the sacrifice to improve their own lives and enjoy becoming one of the rich. Naturally, it doesn't work that way. Exchange rates, controlled by the rich, ensure that a wergild becomes “just” a lot of money that is easily spent and let no one escape their vulnerable lives.

Probably the best set of stories in this world are the Good Deal but I'm pretty happy with this.

On Fridays, Davis loves to go out with his best friend Mina. But he doesn't care to go at himself but as a beautiful woman in a short miniskirt and a pair of falsies. To make sure he's safe, his father insists that Davis always keeps HunterNet on, an application that alerts whenever there is a hunter nearby.

This story has cross-dressing, a fuck-load of anal and oral, castration, slavery, and just a little snuff.

Other Notes

Next month is going to be Puppy Mill 2 because it's been a few months since I wrote up some chapters.

I also noticed that Patreon is beginning to do another round of purging of “questionable” fetishes and entries, which my writing definitely qualifies for. So, I might to do more work on supporting multiple income sources which means moving polls off Patreon into a third-party.