Derik watched the full lips of the prostitute slide down his cock with a wry smile on his face. Even at her exorbitant rate, she was worth every mark just from the heat of her mouth, the tickle of her tongue, and the tits caressing his legs. He leaned back against the headboard and sighed. “This is a fucking good life.”

Her eyes flickered up to him and then back down to his length before drawing up. Her bright red lips left a smear along his cock, darkening the swollen shaft, as she bobbed her head up to the top of his member. When her bright brown eyes lifted back to him, they were wide-eyed and innocent.

He didn't care that she had probably spent months on the street. The look brought a surge of heat to his length. He tightened his muscles just to feel his hardness press against the soft heat of the top of her mouth. In only a few moments, he would paint the back of her throat.

Derik reached down to stroke her hair. He wanted to enjoy the texture of the bleached strands, a far cry from his own soft hair.

She jerked away, shoving down in the process, grinding her lips against the base of his cock and burying her nose in dark hairs already matted with pre-cum and saliva. The tip of his length rubbed the back of her throat, and he almost came at the slick pressure of her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good.”

She slid up and let his shaft escape her lips with a pop. With a smile only slightly faked, she dove back down and pressed her lips tight against his base. Her tongue caressed the bottom of his cock as he filled her mouth. On a midweek night, eighty marks could buy the best.

He gave up trying to touch her and slumped back, a happy moan slipping from his lips. He tilted his head back and admired the silky skin of the whore's backside. Muscles in the tight rear flexed with every stroke as she bobbed the entire length of his cock, pulling him closer to the edge.

With a smile, he lifted his attention to the mirror where he could see a black thong nestled against her shaved pussy and ass. Her swollen lips bulged over both sides, the folds dark with her excitement. She had refused to take it off, but he couldn't help but admire her shaved pussy. He loved bare cunt lips sliding along his cock and he couldn't wait to bury his entire length into her to enjoy every centimeter.

Derik glanced back to his own cock where his dark hairs tickled her lips. As much as he loved to see a shaved pussy, that was for women, not men. He admired his own thatch of pubic hair before gazing at her blonde hair that spread out across his lap and the sheets.

He touched a strand of hair hanging in her face, and she flinched. Pulling off him with a pop, she pointedly looked at him. “No grabbing my hair,” she reminded him with the faint burr of someone who grew up on the southern side of the country. Her other rule had to do with touching her throat while fucking but that didn't bother him. He wasn't into perverted stuff; he just wanted to ram his cock into her mouth until he came. Then, in a few minutes, do the same in her pussy.

Leaning back, Derik decided to enjoy the blow job. In a few minutes, he planned to fuck her, and he could wait. “Life is—”

The door slammed open, wood cracking as it snapped off one hinge.

Derik jumped. The movement caused his cock to scrape against her teeth, and he let out a high-pitched scream as he scrambled to be free of her toothy maw.

She did the same, her hands against his thighs as she pulled herself off. She sat up and spun around so fast, her large breasts smacked Derik on the side of the head, and the momentum carried her top-heavy figure to slide off the side of the bed. She landed with an inarticulate screech that ended in a swear.

Whimpering, Derik grabbed his crotch and felt for damage. Shaking, he glanced down in fear that he would see blood. He only saw her lipstick at the base of his cock and let out a sigh of relief.

The door creaked open before landing heavily on the ground. The impact shook the wooden floor and the sturdy bed Derik had rented for an hour. He looked up as he saw movement on the other side. “I paid for an hour! It's only been three….”

The words died in his throat as a thriban squeezed through the door frame. A distant cousin to humanity, thriban were large and gray-skinned. Every one Derik had known was muscular, hairy, and smelled like a skunk. Compared to his own slender size, it looked like an ogre entering the room.

He gulped and pushed himself up against the headboard. “What the fuck is going on?”

The thriban looked at him with yellowed eyes. His skin shone darkly, making the shadows on his gray face deep and evil. He stepped aside to let a large human entered the room.

At the sight of the leather jacket and dirty blond hair, Derik clamped his mouth tightly. A ripple of fear tightened his sphincter and his cock wilted underneath his hand.

It was Rick Thrantas, also known as The Man Who Ran The Entire Underworld In Town and Shouldn't be Fucked With.

Derik stammered as he sat back down with whatever dignity he could muster. With a shaking hand, he grabbed a sheet from the bed and jammed it into his crotch. “R-Rick!? What are you doing here?”

Rick looked around the room with a scowl on his face. He had a rugged face, kind of a dark shadow under his unwashed hair that somehow still looked good . He filled his jacket like a body-builder, and it creaked with every movement. The floor shook with his footsteps, the heavy, steel-tipped boots punching the ground with every step as he entered the room.

He had a presence, not only as the King of the Underworld but something about him made Derik want to shut up and do whatever he said. More than the threat of death or beatings, Derik had the disturbing sense that Rick was more than a man.

Derik started to open his mouth to say something else, but Rick silenced him with a glance.

The intruder's dark blue eyes bore into Derik. The scowl never changed but the air in the room grew tight and suffocating.

Gulping, Derik tried not to think of the horror stories about Rick. Being pinned to the headboard with nothing but a glare brought a sense of humility and fear to Derik. He struggled to breathe so he opened his mouth to pant.

Rick continued to say nothing as he looked around the room. His eyes focused on the pile of clothes scattered on the floor, then up at Derik, before sliding over to the trembling whore in the corner.

Derik breathed a sigh of relief when Rick stopped looking at him. He glanced at the window to his side. It was cracked open, Derik made sure of that when he rented out the room. It was always important to have an exit planned.

As if knowing his thoughts, the thriban walked over to the window and stood in front of it. He flexed his powerful arms over his chest. At the sight of the pectorals jumping with the movement, Derik glanced away. No escape there.

In the corner, the whore whimpered and crouched behind the corner of a dresser, her thong offering little coverage and her large breasts quivering with her fear.

Rick's mouth twitched for a moment, almost a smile.

Derik blanched. He had never seen Rick smile. He had never heard of Rick smiling.

The powerful crime lord reached down and picked up the door with one hand. One foot slipped back and the muscles of his leg tensed with the effort to brace himself. Without taking his eyes off the whore, he jammed it back into the frame.

Even with the minor flaw of balancing himself, the action was terrifying.

Derik's vision blurred. He took a deep breath, trying to find some way to escape with all his limbs intact. “L-Look, Rick, I have another week—”

Rick's eyes snapped to the side to glare at Derik, silencing him.

Reflexively, Derik pushed back against the headboard in an attempt to escape.

“The deadline was last week, Derik.” Rick had a deep, powerful voice.

“Last… last week?” Derik shook his head. “What do you mean? I own you money on the 7th—”

“It's the 17th, idiot. We have a ten day week and you are exactly a week late.” His voice had a deep rumbling quality to it as he sat down on the end of the bed. The straw mattress sank down heavily.

Derik started to slide toward him and let out a whimper. He grabbed the headboard as if it would stop him. His cock wilted even further as he imagined being killed in the bed and left naked for the maid.

He silently counted the days. He had done the Silthsdotter job on the 9th, then the…. He let out a low groan. Fuck. “Look, Rick—”

“Shut up.”

Derik snapped his mouth closed so fast he bit the end of his tongue.

Rick glared at Derik as he dug into his pocket.

Derik, terrified that Rick would bring out a knife, cracked his knuckles against the headboard.

Rick pulled out a small notebook. “Look, you own me fifty thousand marks last week.”

Derik whimpered and clutched his balls through the sheet. Oh, shit, oh shit.

“And I'm not known for being pleasant with people who forget to pay me.”


His voice cut me down, “Say another word and you'll be choking on your dick.”

Derik closed his mouth with a snap.

Rick open the notebook to a bookmarked page. “Now, I know you are a damn good thief, Derik, but you are a fucking idiot. More importantly, you are a fucking idiot with my money.”

Derik almost said something and then whimpered.

Rick looked at him sharply.

Trying to look away, Derik found he couldn't escape the dark blue eyes.

“And you've done a few good jobs for me in the past, so I am giving you one,” he spat out the word, “more chance. You have three weeks to get my money back, plus interest.”

Interest? Derik groaned inwardly but he wasn't stupid enough to say no to Rick when he was naked and helpless.


Derik nodded. He was already planning on escaping. Just stop by the safe house and grab his lock picks and then right out—

“And if you run, I will send Bruk here to break your legs and arms before dragging you back.”

Derik gasped and blushed. He nodded frantically. He glanced at Bruk, the large ogre that happened to be a thriban.

Bruk smiled broadly back, the tiny tusks of his mouth peeking up from his lower lip. With deliberate slowness, he cracked his knuckles; it sounded like someone breaking a tree in half.

Derik shivered, then looked back at Rick. Seeing his piercing eyes, Derik looked away like a child being beaten.

“Three weeks, bring what you can, it might save your skin. Might let you walk out of my place.”

Derik shivered at the memory of the last person who owned Rick too much money and couldn't pay it. He saw her every time he walked past Rick's tower. It looked like a stone statue but he knew that it wasn't exactly hollow inside. Derik was there when the poor bitch was transformed and the screams still gave him nightmares.

Realizing that he attention had slipped, he looked up at Rick who had turned his attention to the prostitute.

“You done with her?” asked Rick.

Derik glanced over at the whore.

She stared back, frightened and terrified. Her pretty, brown eyes begged him to say no, to make Rick go away.

He looked over at Rick.

The powerful man slowly turned to face Derik. The sharp gaze stole the thief's breath away with the powerful gaze.

Unwilling to face Rick's wrath, Derik nodded. “Um… yeah.”

The whore whimpered, but Rick just grinned at Derik.

“Thanks, man, threatening pussies like you always makes me horny.”

Derik's sphincter tightened even more.

Rick motioned for her to approach.

She shook her head and she crawled further into the corner, her naked leg curling over her protectively. Tears ran down her cheeks.

He just sighed. “I'm not going to hurt you, I just haven't been introduced. I'm Rick and I own all the whores in this town. I own all the asses that sin in this town, including Derik's.”

Reaching out, he snapped his fingers and held out his hand to help her up.

Despite the fear on her face, she cringed but took his hand. She let out a gasp as she was pulled to her feet.

Rick looked her over, his eyes and fingers probing at her naked body. “You look too good to be on the streets. What are you charging?”

“F-Fifty marks.”

“No, charge ten times more, do you hear?” His rough voice was almost comforting compared to the threatening tone he had given Derik. “Who do you work for?”

“N-No one.”

He smacked her lightly on the cheek.

She whimpered. “Y-You.”

“That's right. After all this, I want you to head over to Kerlis—”

Derik flinched at the hated name.

“—and tell him to treat you right. Do you understand? No less than five hundred a fuck.”

The whore blinked and wiped the tears. “Y-Yes… sir.”

Rick reached back to thread his fingers into her blond hair and force her to turn her toward Derik and the bed. “Mind if I enjoy myself on your tab?”

Derik knew that she would be begging if he looked up. But he wasn't going to tell Rick no to anything, he might wake up in the morning hanging from his balls outside of Rick's tower. With a gulp, he gestured to her tight, fuckable ass. “G-Go ahead, Rick.”

He chuckled, and grabbed her head tightly with both hands. Without even trying, he angled her head up so they were looking at each other. “On your knees and unzip me.”

Whimpering, she reached up to his crotch. Her fingers worked at his pants, unbuttoning the fly and pulling his cock out. She sank to her knees before it finally came out. The heavy length thumped down against Rick's thigh and on the whore's shoulder.

Derik gasped. “Holy fuck!”

He considered himself reasonably sized, but Rick was gigantic. To Derik, it looked like the arm of a small child with a huge, swollen fist, easily twice as long and double the girth of Derik's rapidly shrinking cock.

The whore let out a gasp. She tried to pull away, but he just grabbed her tightly before forcing his swelling cock into her mouth.

“Both of you need to remember, I own this fucking town. You don't work on your own, you work for me.” He yanked her down, driving half of his length into her tightly stretched lips. He relaxed slightly, letting her pull off with a gasp, but only gave her a mere moment before yanking her back down.

Rick hadn't heard her “no grabbing my head and neck” rule, but he wouldn't have cared anyway. He forced his cock further into her mouth until it seemed to buckle at the back of her throat. Gagging, she struggled against the thickness. Then, there was an audible pop as he drove her face down into the thick thatch of his pubic hair, her throat bulging with his massive member.

He let out a moan and leered at Derik. His hands held her skull tightly, grinding her down into his base, suffocating her as she struggled. Her hands pounded against his thighs as he let out another long sigh, still watching Derik's face.

Slowly, he let her pull off. She gasped for air, drool dribbling down her chin. Rick gave her only a few seconds again before he forced his cock back into her throat. This time, it only buckled for a second before popping in. He held her down again for a long count before letting her up for air. Then impaled her once again. Hard and brutal, he fucked her mouth until tears shone on her cheeks. Her makeup ran in black streaks as she gasped for air between thrusts.

He continued to fuck her, driving her down faster and faster, holding her down longer and longer until finally he let out a grunt and ground down on her, pinning her on his cock as he came inside her.

She struggled, her face turning red then almost purple as he finally released a long shuddering sigh.

His rough fingers finally released her, and she yanked herself off his cock, choking and gasping for air until cum and drool dripped from her painted lips.

As she started to regain her breath, Rick forced her to her feet by pulling on her hair. She let out a shriek of shock as he picked her up and threw her into the bed. Her face hit the sheets, her breasts slapping against Derik's legs, they were as soft as he had hoped. Earlier he had hoped to enjoy them, but it didn't look like it would be an option any longer.

Rick kicked apart her legs.

She started to push up from the bed when he grabbed her hair, spinning it once around his left hand like reins, and then slammed his hips forward. Derik couldn't see what happened, but her eyes opened widely, bulging as a strangled scream erupted from her mouth.

He drove his massive cock into her with one stroke.

Derik shuddered from the impact with the bed.

She grabbed at the sheets as her eyes bulged out. Her fingers caught Derik's thigh and she dug in, fingernails breaking the skin.

Rick just drove into her, no foreplay, no nothing but hard, brutal thrusts.

The whore's mouth opened into a wide “O” as he vented his passions, filling the room with wet slurping noises as he drove into her.

Derik could only watch, pinned by him using her. Then, he realized Rick wasn't fucking her pussy. Instead, his massive rod tore into her ass, plunging into it with hard strokes that must be ripping her open.

Rick pounded her for close to five minutes before letting out a bellowing grunt. He shoved forward, his muscles bulging as he rammed as much of his inhuman cock into her colon and came hard inside her.

Derik jerked with each of the whore's cries, knowing that she was responding to hot jets of cum filling her.

With a grunt, Rick pulled out.

The whore slumped forward, whimpering into the bed. Cum poured out of her gaping asshole. It splattered against the sheets and dripping down to the floor.

Rick eyes focused back on Derik, then he reached for him.

Derik let out a cry and tried to dodge but Rick easily caught him by the throat.

With a wrench, Rick yanked him out of the bed and threw on the ground into the puddle of rapidly cooling cum. Derik managed to scramble to his knees before Rick grabbed his long hair and twisted it around, just like he had done with the whore's. With a snarl, the powerful man yanked Derik closer.

Derik found myself staring at his cock, huge and massive, dripping with cum. He had balls the size of fists. The dripping length looked more like some sort of weapon than anything that belonged attached to any living being. The thick veins pulsed with Rick's heartbeat and it darkened visibly as Derik watched in horror.

Rick leaned down to snarl at him. “Three weeks, Derik. If you don't have my money, I'm going to fuck you like this whore. But I'm not going to stop because I cum. I'm going to rape that pretty little mouth and ass of yours one day for every fucking mark you owe me!”

He threw Derik against the wall.

Derik struck it and slumped down. Stars floated across his vision.

“And I won't be as gentle.”

Derik whimpered. Rick had been gentle? Trembling, he glanced at the woman on the bed, cum still dribbling from her gasping asshole.

She slid to the floor and tried to push her naked body away from Rick. Black raccoon eyes and tears marked her face as she stared up with a look of abject fear.

Rick looked down at her, and the corner of his lips twitched. Slowly, he lifted his gaze back on Derik. “Where's your money?”

Derik really didn't want to answer, but he pointed to his pants.

Bruk lumbered over and pawed through them, pulling out a black wallet. Derik had nearly a thousand marks in there. The thriban took it all, tossed the empty wallet aside, and handed the bills to Rick.

Rick counted it for a moment, then handed all of it to the whore—over twenty times what Derik paid her.

She stared at him with surprise, but her fingers clutched the bills tightly.

“Services rendered. Talk to Kerlis, and blackball Derik here for at least a month while you are at it. No, make it a year. This little fuck doesn't deserve to hire a pretty ass like yours.”

Derik's lips tightened into a thin line. Fucking bastard.

Rick pointed at him and Derik dropped his look. “Three weeks, Derik, or you're going to be choking on my cock for a long time.”

He walked out, shutting the door behind me.

Derik sat on the floor for a long moment, before getting to his feet.

The whore took longer to get up, shuddering as she pressed one hand against her no doubt aching ass. She glared at him with her no-longer innocent brown eyes.

Derik glanced away. “S-Sorry.” It wasn't his fault that Rick had fucked her.

She slapped him. Before Derik could recover, she kicked him in the balls repeatedly until he collapsed in half with stars blinding him.

Then she did it again.