Derik's Luck

Derik was known throughout the city for two things: he was a beautiful man and a master thief. His heists were well known, both from the stunning skill that he stole things from the most protected of vaults and displays but also from the skill that he could steal the underwear from someone he was talking to.

He also rarely made intelligent decisions. He spent his monies on whores,. drinking, and gambling. His slightly submissive nature prevented him from enjoying the full breadth of his ill-gotten goods but he was happy dancing through life.

At least until Rick, the crime lord of the city, called in all the monies Derik owned… in a week. Desperate for any job, he took the ill-fated heist of stealing the baron’s priceless sapphire.

What started with a simple job became something more when Derik found himself naked in the baron’s harem with the guards looking for him.

All Derik wanted was an enjoyable evening with a local whore. But when Rick, the local crime boss showed up, his night of blow jobs and fucking was sharply interrupted when Rick threatened his life if Derik couldn't come up with the money Derik owed him.

Desperate to find a job, Derik headed down to Storn's. But none of the jobs that his friend had were good ones. The best of the worst was a nearly impossible theft, but Derik was a master thief. Now if his ex didn't just walk in the door.

Stealing a priceless sapphire wasn't impossible for a thief like Derik. But then everything went wrong.

After falling from the ventilation, Derik found himself in the middle of a pool wearing burnt clothing and no sapphire in hand. He needed to get it back but first he had to identify where he was and how he would escape.

Teri and Sherrel were only the start to Derik's troubles. Both women forced him to lick both of them to orgasm and then to the other women who woke up to find a naked man in the middle of the baron's harem.

After hours of giving head to the insatiable women of the harem, Derik thought he would have a moment of peace. That changed when Madre, mistress of the harem, showed up and he had to once again hide for his life.

Shaved like a whore, Derik is unhappy with his fate but it was better than being killed. A bonus was Teri and Sherrel who seem to have taken a shine to him and were willing to give him a little release.

Derik dreads his supposed duties as a "new girl" but he had no clue what was in store with the terrifying Madre. When he is finally presented to her, he realized that his life was about to get more complicated than hiding in a harem.

Alone with Nightingale, Derik finds out what the young woman really thinks about his hiding in the harem. It doesn't take long to find out he has an enemy among the half-naked women and it was only a matter of time before he was outed to the guards and his execution.

To Derik's surprise, there was no one on the other side of the door. Unsure of what to do, he returned to main room of the harem. Before he could read it, he stumbled into Teri who had other ideas.

As the new girl, Derik had to return to Madre's room for a night of torture and no doubt having his ass fingered. He didn't relish either at the moment but he didn't have any other choice.

Ass stinging from the brutal spanking, Derik considers fleeing the harem and never coming back.

Derik woke up to Madre standing over him, ordering him to join her as she goes to relieve Nightingale from her overnight torment.

Derik ends up comforting Teri as she recovers from her bout of fucking the baron. As he does, he finds out it is marking day but doesn't know what it is.

Teri brings up her promise to have Derik's ass if Madre didn't, but first she has to get him to relax.

After giving head to Teri's fake cock, Derik's adventure wasn't over. There was one more promise she gave him, that she would take his ass.

Marking Day has a few more surprised for Derik, including where his two lovers go when they have a chance to play.

Fleeing from the door, Derik finds himself in the massage room with a broken heart.

Derik knew he was late to Madre's room but it was his position in the harem. He headed back knowing that he would be punished.

After a long night of torture, Derik was relieved when Madre finally removed the blindfold. But would his tortures continue?

To Derik's surprise, Madre reveals that she knows he has a secret but it is up to him to confess. He tries, but can't.

Horny from having his ass fucked, Derik thought Madre was done with him. She had other ideas, cruel ideas that she had intended the previous night.

After his night with Madre, Derik finally began to relax in the harem. He found himself enjoying the flow of fucking and being fucked.

Alone with the priestess of Bridget, Derik found himself being marked like one of the other girls in the harem. But Hime had something more in mind, something that may break his mind.

Derik woke up screaming, unfamiliar with his new breasts and Hime's terrible curse. But Teri knew exactly how to calm him.

Two hundred swat left Derik's ass burning. It was supposed to be the end of the night but then a stranger came to the harem. Actually, not a stranger but the master of everyone, the baron.

Derik knew that the baron's lust was legendary but he never expected to the sole focus for the older man's passion.

There was something special about how Hamel, the baron, fucked. It drained the girls who were impaled on his cock. Derik didn't know that as he cowered in the darkness of the massage room, unable to face anyone for days.

Lost in his own despair, Derik didn't realize that Madre had locked herself in her own room, drinking away her pain. When he heard it, there was only one thing he could do. One painful thing.

Derik had many secrets beyond the one he didn't dare let out. When Madre gives him an unexpected gift, he blurts out one of his deepest ones.

Dressed up for shopping with Madre, there was only one thing to do and that was to go out on the town. But an unexpected flirtation from a guard revealed that Derik was not only as beautiful as the other ladies but he was turned on by the affection. Would it last?

Derik is interrupted by Hamel who promises a long night for Derik on his bed. Can the thief keep his secret while splayed naked on the power man's blankets? And how does Tornsin respond to seeing Derik's lips wrapped around the baron's powerful cock?

Terrified of his night with the baron, Derik burst into Madre's room right in the middle of Teri's punishment and bondage. Madre is quick to forgive him but then invites him to join in.

Rick finally had Derik. The lord of the underworld had weeks of anger to vent and Derik was helpless to do anything but suffer.

Rick's torture of Derik continues as the underworld crime boss raped Derik's ass.

Derik's hell at Rick's hand continued as the crime lords brings him into his room of torture.

Broken, blodied, and marked, somehow Derik made it through the three days with Rick. But, as Rick promised, he was going to be healed. The only problem is that the healer worked in the one place that Derik never wanted to go back to, the brothel where he grew up.

Unable to stomach Kerlis or Rick, Derik decided to head back to the palace on his own. He was blocks away when he realized he was wearing nothing but a white dress and had a handful of gems, the perfect victim for a thief or rapist.

Derik made it back to the palace safely. He couldn't tell anyone about Rick, the spell sealed his voice. But that only enraged Madre even further.

Hamel finally knew Derik's secret, at least one of them. His response startles the thief, more so as Hamel reveal how much he actually knew.

Coming home in preparation for his night with the baron, Derik is pulled into an investigation; a thief had died and the Eye of Hamel was missing.

Life was good for Derik. He, Teri, and Sherrel were on a date with the baron to one of the nightclubs in the city.

All things come to an end. Interrupting a lazy day of sex and eating, a stranger comes to the harem. It is Shiel, the famed bounty hunter searching for the Eye of Hamel.

Derik is serving the baron when Tornsin arrives with a report about Hamel's enemies. The baron rewards him with an unexpected gift, three nights on the town with Derik as his date.

Derik and Tornsin decided to start their date at his favorite dance club, the Phoenix Falling. This time, he was ready for the dance floor and had somnething more than groping in mind.

A moment of sweet romance between Derik and Tornsin turned terrifying when Derik's lover confessed that he had Derik investigated for the theft of the Eye of Hamel.

It was Marking Day and Derik was the last one to have the sterility rune placed on his spine. But the tender moment between him and Hime turned dark when the priestess revealed that she knew that Derik had stolen the Eye.

Derik finally came up with a way of getting out of his predicament, he was going to return the Eye of Hamel and no one would ever need to know.

Madre finally found out about Derik's final secret and she was furious. The battle mage nearly almost killed him but his suffering wasn't over.

There was no surprise when Derik ended up in the prison cell for his crimes. Neither was his fate, to be put on the auction block.

Derik is finally on the auction block, to be sold to the highest bidder. He knew Rick would be going for it but who else would pay to save Derik?

Derik's life collapsed in on itself when he realized he had been sold to Rick. His life was no longer his but property of the man who promised to torture and rape him for the rest of Derik's existance.

Shiel kept Derik in a cage except to go the bathroom and clean the house. Otherwise, he spent long hours being treated as nothing more than an annoying pet. To pass the time, he could only think of one thing a naked man in a cage could do.

Months later, Shiel has Derik out on the street acting as a common whore. But why? And what purpose does she have for Derik giving an old guard a blow job?

Months later, Derik is cleaning up the house when his transformation mark finally fades away. As he is tortured by his body transforming back into a male's form, Shiel reveils her own passions.

A year had passed and Derik's life had taken a new role. He was now Shiel's companion, even if she used him for bait almost every time.

A hot shower was all that Derik needed to relax. But when he came out to a stranger in his room, everything changed.

More time passed, years stretched out as Derik and Shiel grew together. But for all of the fucking and fighting, he never forgot how he became her companion or the people he left behind.

It was in the middle of winter and Derik had been with Shiel for many years, but never as lovers. The foul-mouthed hunter never showed an interest in him... until one night.

Even though he had never killed anyone, Derik knew he had to return the baron and the Rick's army. As he dressed quickly, he hoped Shiel would join him but the violent silfae had other things in mind.

How does a thief and a hunter take on an army? By charging straight for the leader, Rick.

With a blade buried in his gut, Derik found an unexpected strength.

It is a rare day when a master thief finds himself a priest of a cross-dressing goddess. But in that moment with one lover dying, Derik calls out to Bridget and finds there is power in his fingers.

To Derik's surprise, he was still alive. There was death and destruction. Derik had accidently fused his joints together with inexpert healing but he was alive.

Funerals were a time of sorrow and pain. Eight of the harem died during the attack and it was time to cherish them.

Somewhere far away, Nightingale had reached the end of her life. She had murdered a man who tried to rape her and was sentenced to death. She only wished she had one more chance to see her love, her Madre.