There were no guards on the far side of the door. Nor did Madre, Nightingale, or anyone else wait for him. Instead, Derik found himself staring at an empty hall. The reddish tiles below cast the room in a warm light and he blinked for a moment. His heart pounding painfully in his chest, he took a hesitant step forward and closed the door behind him. It closed with a click and he jumped at the sound.

Feeling like any second would bring rushing guards, Derik padded down the hall toward the main room. He could hear Madre barking out orders and his buttocks tighten with the realization of how long he took to dress; he didn't want to get spanked again. Blushing, he hurried down the hall.

As he turned the corner, he briefly saw someone running toward him. Unable to dodge, he collided with Teri and they both yelped as they tumbled to the ground. Landing on his still sore ass, he whimpered and rolled over, tearing up at the pain that radiated from his buttocks.

Teri had rested her hand against the small of his back.

“Aww, poor baby, Madre really got your ass?”

Nodding through his whimpers, Derik carefully got on his knees, then stood up. His braided hair flopped against his shoulder as he stood up, one hand rubbing his pained butt.

Teri looked concerned as she helped him up, then straightened the silk robe on his shoulders. She wore a similar outfit: panties, bra, and a tight-fitting top but no robe. The dusty pink color matched her skin almost as much as the sapphire fit with his eyes.

She leaned closer. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

He nodded, then gave a pained smile as he shook his head.

Teri grinned and rolled her eyes. “Sorry. I assume you got spanked, right?”

Derik gave her a hurt look, and Teri grinned.

“Don't worry, Derik, if you obey, you don't get it much. And don't piss her off, you only got swatted. There are times when she'll come hard from breaking your ass. Then you just have to lick her out. But if you really piss her off, she starts to use magic and then it really starts to hurt.”

Still rubbing his butt, Derik sighed, “I think she did that already.”

Teri raised an eyebrow as she tugged on his shirt. She leaned to the side to look at his ass and then back to grin at him. “You got fingered? Up the butt?”

A hot blush rose up in his cheeks and he nodded.

She looked sad for a moment, then kissed him on the lips. “You'll like it up the ass, it's a great view.”

To make a point, she turned around and flipped up her top, revealing her shapely ass.

Derik let out a tiny whimper as his cock made a different type of reaction.

She turned back. “See, all better. Don't worry, you'll get used to that. After a while, it feels good.”

“There is more?”

Shaking her head in amusement, Teri said, “Lots more. Every night and every morning until she can stuff her whole hand—”

Derik let out a whimper.

She hugged him. “—into that tight bubble ass of yours.”

Teri finished by clamping her hands on his butt cheeks, sending a bolt of discomfort and sudden pleasure through his system.

His cock, trapped in its silk prison surged to life and pressed up against her.

He gulped. “H-Her whole hand?”

Teri nodded and stroked his butt. He could feel her fingertips caressing the cleft of his rear and he squirmed with discomfort. She giggled softly and nuzzled against his neck.

Derik gingerly held her, still trying to escape her fingers. He whispered, “Why?”

“The baron, silly.”

At the mention of the baron, Derik froze. “Um…”

“He is really huge. Like this thick tree branch huge. Even if she could jam her fist into your hole easily, he's still going to stretch you out.”

Derik shivered at the thought.

Teri grinned evilly. “Just be glad you don't have a pussy too.”

One hand released his stinging cheek and caressed against his silk-clan member, teasing it. “He can't get his monster into this little thing, so you only have two holes to please him.”

Another whimper.

Grinning evilly, Teri teased his shaft for a moment before withdrawing. “I'll protect you. I'll make sure that thick, drooling cock doesn't slam into that tight little hole of yours. The only people getting into that hole is Madre.”

Derik let out a sigh of relief.

Teri skipped back with a smirk. “At least until I get a chance at it.”

He froze, staring at her with hopes she was joking. His eyes glanced down, wondering how she was going to get a cock between her legs. He spent enough hours between her thighs to know that part intimately.

She giggled. “Silly, with a strap-on. I got this nice little thing that would open you right up. Sherrel says it feels really good up her shitter.”

Fighting the intense blush on his face, he shook his head. “I… I'd like to pass, please?”

“Rather have Madre do it?”

“No! I mean, I don't want it, you know, in my… ass.”

She laughed cheerfully. “You say that like you have a choice.”

Stepping back, she started to say something, then she frowned. Her eyes scanned over him, and he cringed with embarrassment.


“Didn't she have someone help you dress?”

A flash of Nightingale screaming at him and Derik lied, “No.”

Clicking her tongue, Teri reached up and pulled off his robe. Letting it pull to the ground, she tugged up on his shirt.

Unsure, he just lifted his arms as she pulled it up.

Spotting his bra, she giggled. “Little flat for that?”

Self-conscious, Derik crossed his arms over his chest.

Teri grinned and tugged on his wrists.

He resisted for only a moment before she pulled them apart. The heat of his embarrassment seemed to grow every passing second she looked at him.

A frown furrowed her brow. She whispered something under her breath before speaking louder, “Give me a second.”

Trotting past him, she disappeared around the corner.

Derik stood there, in the middle of the hall, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. From his vantage point, he could see Madre ordering the girls around. Most were exercising while others headed into what she called the classroom. On the very far side, he spotted Nightingale speaking with an armored man and an icy sensation sank into his gut. She whispered as she gestured toward him, and he fled behind the corner. Heart pounding in his chest, he peeked around to see the guard walking toward Madre.


Derik let out a yelp as he jumped. Turning around, he flushed as Teri looked at him curiously.

“What's wrong?”


Teri stepped past him and looked into the main room. “You know Madre hates people who lie, right?”

Derik said nothing.

Teri turned around and brandished two handfuls of silk. All of them were the same color, dusty pink. “Stand up.”

He stood up straight as she pulled up the snug bra.

With childish glee, she began to stuff the silk panties into his bra, filling the cups up. It only took a few seconds before he almost looked like he had a set of small breasts. Teri held up her finger, then trailed her fingers up her side. He watched as she lifted the hem and pushed down the panties she wore. There was one ribbon nestled in the furrow of her slit.

“And one warmed for your heart.”

His own heart pounded as she worked the slightly damp, fragrant panties right against his skin. His body heated up quickly, his cock swelling, as she smoothed over his bra. His eyes delved lower to catch a sight of her hairless pussy peeking underneath her silk top as she stepped back.

“You almost look like a woman.”

Pointedly, she looked down at his cock. He blushed and started to cover it, but she gave him a warning look. “Look, normally it's your job to please me, but just this once….”

As she spoke, she lowered herself to her knees and pulled his cock out of the blue silk panties. Kissing the top, she drew it into the warm heat of his mouth. He let out a long moan of pleasure.

Looking up at him, Teri slowly worked her mouth down his cock, burying his length until he could feel it teasing the back of her throat. With a slurp, she drew up his glistening shaft and he let out another moan. Teasing his balls, she sucked him back in, bobbing back and forth.

With the pressure building, Derik leaned back and leaned against the plaster. It was cool compared to the liquid heat of her mouth. His hands hovered in hair, unsure what to do.

She ignored them as she trailed her fingernails against his sack, playing with them until they tightened on his base. Then, her finger worked back, along the skin between his balls and his ass.

He let out a soft whimper and started to reach down, but her other hand snapped up to catch his wrist, pinning it to the wall.

Still sucking on his cock, she wormed one finger along the tightly clenched cleft of his buttocks. He tried to stop her, but it was hard to concentrate with the shameful pleasure of being penetrated. The pleasure mixed with discomfort as she circled around his ring, working it open even as her tongue lapped at his shaft.

Despite his efforts, between one slurp and another, he relaxed just a tiny bit and she speared him, plunging one finger into his tight ring and sending a shudder of indescribable ecstasy coursing through his body.

He strained to move his pinned wrist, but she held him down as she sucked and fingered him. A hard edge of an orgasm rose up inside him, powerful and intense, as stars swam across his vision. Just as his body strained to hold it in, he exploded in a single flare of pleasure. His free hand scraped against the plaster wall as he let out a soft whine of release; hot jet after jet of cum poured into her mouth. The very feel of her swallowing sent him over another edge of pleasure.

Teri slurped and bobbed, filling the hallway with wet, juicy sucking noises. She continued to pleasure him until he slumped with release.

Gasping for breath, he looked down to see her pulling away, a tiny strand of saliva connecting them before she licked her lips. His cock, sucked dry, flopped down.

She smiled. “There we go. Now, try not to get excited.”

Moving his sensitive member with her fingertips, she tucked it back into his panties and eased his balls into place. When she smoothed the fabric over his mound, it almost looked like he had a pussy himself.

“Now,” she stood up, “You look like a proper harem girl.”

Still lost in his afterglow, Derik could only nod.

Teri grabbed his top and held it up. “Now, this you had on backwards. You see this slit, it goes in front so it stays flat on your tummy. This curve, that is where your ass goes.”

He flushed, realizing he wore such a simple thing wrong, but Teri just helped him into it, sliding it into place. His cock twitched slightly and he clamped his thighs tightly against it. After a few moments, it seemed to soften.

Teri smiled as she helped him put on his robe. “You are really beautiful, Derik.”


He didn't know why he said it, but she looked at him with surprise.


“Madre said I was to be called Dora.”

She grinned, “Did she now?”

A nod. He swallowed hard before responding. “She said it was more of a woman's name.”

“Well, Dora, I'll tell you what. Normally, Madre has the new girl spend the night with her for the first week, but if she doesn't,” she leaned forward and pressed one finger along his faux pussy, sliding a finger down his length, “If she doesn't, I'll get my strap-on and make you a real woman tonight.”

She kissed him, giggling at the helpless and stunned look on his face. Slipping her hand into his, she drew him down the hall and toward the others, to rejoin the harem.