The Nine Sisters is a dangerous place to live. There are slavers from Dorza, barbarian invaders from Emberka, demons from the Abyssal planes, and countless scores of others horrors. They prey on the cities and villages away from the capitals as much as they invade even the largest of places.

Not every village or city can afford an army to defend themselves. Some are desperate enough to make deals with the very creatures and forces threatening their lives, going to the dragons or devils with promises of money or power in exchange for defending against all other intruders.

Not every beast was interested in trinkets or empty promises. They had more focused desires, sacrifice: someone to torture, rape, and eventually snuff. To vent their lusts and angers in exchange for saving others. The well-known price of a virgin sacrifice is told in many stories, but many creatures aren't content with a random virgin thrown into their cave. They want a specific one, a victim of their choice with all the right features they desire.

After centuries of these choices, the victim is choose early, long before the Age of Consent but while their minds and bodies are malleable to countless spells to create the perfect victim. Once chosen, the creatures withdraw and wait until the day when their victim is old enough and the spells had twisted them into the perfect form for abuse and torture.

The Omelas are the chosen sacrifice. Their bodies shaped by arcane and infernal magic into perfection: twisted to handle inhuman cocks, hardened to survive the lusts of their masters, and shaped into an earthly beauty to inflame desire. They live without knowing their fate. If they did, they would try to flee from their homes and destiny, which would violate the agreement with the defending creatures. And if the victim isn't presented at the designated time, it is everyone else who will find their lives at risk.

Inspired Ursula K. Le Guin's story The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, the Omelas are ones who are sacrificed so everyone else can live happy lives without fear of invasion or destruction.

Part one and two were commissioned, but the commissioner requested that the first part not be posted publicly.

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Omelas 2: Stolen Sacrifice

Not every mother was willing to let her daughter be chosen by a creature for the purpose of being raped and killed. Quinn's mother, Merci, listened to the screams of the last victim for three years, trembling at the high-pitched sounds of terror while holding her daughter who was chosen to be the next one.

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